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MAC 30 - Military Amo Can Tray - The MAC 30 is a tray semilar to the other product ammo cans but this will ONLY Fit the Metal Cans. Let me say this again, IT WILL NOT HOLD THE PLASTIC CANS!!!

Designed for the easy transportation and storage of four US Metal Military 30 caliber ammo cans
Excellent for organizing ammo, tactical gear, etc. .
Four ATV tie down spots
Trays are stackable, giving you the ability to stack them tall; ammo cans sold separately
Strong large handles carry the load easily and the tray are made of rugged polypropylene to last
Hold up to 100 lbs.
Tray outside dimensions: 19. 5” x 12. 5” x 4. 8” high;
Made in the USA

MTM - MAC30 Metal Ammo Can Tray (30 Cal.)

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