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DIY Cheap Wal Mart Survival Kit

DIY Cheap Wal Mart Survival Kit

Due to Hurricane Irma and witnessing all that happened it got my mind thinking once again to become better prepared. Tina & I are redoing our Emergency Kit for our home as well as making an Emergency Kit for each of our vehicles. Winter is coming and you never know what Mother Nature will put before us.

Being a former Boy Scout and working in the EMA Field for years, I learned to Be Prepared!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some great survival / emergency tips & videos.

Speaking of that I came across this gut who post a ton of great videos of Urban Survival and he came up with a cheap emergency kit made 100% with Wal-Mart Items under $75

There is no reason everyone cannot have a small bag like this just to get started. This would make a great starter kit for your vehicle too. I plan to post another video link for building your own vehicle kit.

Items in this kit:

Manokotak Back Pack: $14.97

Storm Proof Matches: $2.97

4-1 Match Holder: $4.84

Four Candles: $.98

Emergency Space Blanket:$2.97

Heavy Mil Trash Bag:$.75

Dasani Water $1.57 x2

Coleman Water Purification Tabs $7.76

First Aid Kit: $4.84

Peanut Butter Food Bars x2:$1.00

Wet Wipes 40ct: $.98

Duct Tape 10yd: $97

Bandana: $1.00

Gloves: $2.86

Watch Cap: $2.00

Folding Knife: $3.97

Multi-Tool: $3.97

Safety Glasses:$4.97

Cordage: $1.88

Article by Rick Piel with inserts from Team Sooch.

Here is the video link to watch Team Sooch explain everything and why he chose it.

Make sure you continue tune in as we continue to grow our site. Dont forget to also visit our Home Page and click on our other social media outlets: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Patreon. ​We greatly appreciate you following us and becoming a fan of EveryDay Preppers USA

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