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Make a $4 emergency biomass stove from concrete blocks

Click on the link shown to see a great video on how to make a single Rocket Stove for $4 with cinder blocks. These would not be a bad idea to have and place in a good hidden spot and pulled out in case of an emergency like the aftermath of a Storm if you loss power. This would make a great source to boil water for safe drinking water in the after math of a natural disaster. This would also make a great camping for those camp grounds you drive too, not one’s that you hike too. too. Construction Workers could make fresh / hot meals for lunch time.

General fuel used is sticks and twigs our find on the forest floor or wood laying around after a disaster but you could most likely use one of our all new EveryDay Preppers Large / Long lasting Fire Pucks.

This is a great idea for anyone without power due to a natural disaster and needing to cook or to basically stay warm. I will add that this is for outdoor use only and you should NEVER use pressure treated wood as it contains harmful chemicals that are not recommended to breath.

Click Here:

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