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Meal Prepping, The Way Of The Future

Meal Prepping, The Way Of The Future

In today’s busy world, we are on the go from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bet. Many of us have multiple jobs we are tasked with just pay bills. We are on the go constantly, from waking up, getting ready for work, our jobs (however many that might be) to the gym, running, walking (Whatever our exercise routine is , if we are lucky) coming home, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and if we are lucky a moment of piece in front of the TV, then bed and start all over again tomorrow..

Meal Prepping seems to be the wave of the future for the busy man / women. Spending a couple of hours cooking and then portioning out individual meals that you grab & go and just warm up seems to be what more & more people are doing.

While it ma be like th TV Dinners of the past, health food councilors and Neutrinalist have been encouraging people to do this for years as was the popular weight watchers. While TV type dinners are still in the grocery stores, many of us hate the selection and the cost have seems to triple in recent years with more and more healthy choice meals are coming out. You used to buy a horrible TV dinner for $1, now they have rebranded it, tried to make it better, offer more variety and triple the cost and sometimes higher. What used to be $1.00-$1.50 a meal, now can exceed $5.00/ meal very easily.

So, if you your are going to pay for it, wouldn’t you want to eat what you like? That’s where meal prepping can come in. The average Joe / Jane can make a make a large meal and then separate it into many meals for tomorrow. Some of us, showing our age may call it left over’s.

Meal Prepping / Planning is really not left over but rather your way of scheduling out your week on what you want to eat, cooking it and placing it into individual plates or bowls. This way you can grab and go, take it too work, take it too the gym for that high protein snack after your work out to help rebuild lean muscle.

I is not for only the dieter, but the person on the go like myself that just doesn’t have time every night to work all day and come home and cook, clean the kitchen and still plan out a meal for tomorrow or the rest of the week. This also helps those cravings and those sneaky thoughts of I will just get something from that fast food restaurant on the way home or on the way to the office or drive to the fast food restaurant for lunch on the go.

This allows you to take back control of your life, plan out what you want and not have those roadside bill boards trick you into junk foods. You can plan out breakfast meals, snacks, lunches, dinners and even after the favorite work out (Gym, Running, Walking, etc.) to have something that can be healthy and better for your body.

Now getting back to healthy aspect of Meal Planning, it can also help you stay on your diet, stay in peak physical shape too so the old concept of watching you weight thru what you eat comes into play. Look at the healthy choices and weighing out your portions will take longer, it may gain better results if that is what you are looking for.

Portion Control Chart for healthy eating:

Great resources are:,, American Heart Association:

Believe it or not Pinterest can also be a great resource. Please check out our page for some great ideas on Meal Prepping to help you in your daily life.

If you have any great meals plan ideas, please share them here in the comment section and don’t forget to forward some Pinterest Pins to my page.

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