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Pet Disaster Kit Check List

Pet Disaster Kit Check List

Pet Disaster Kit Check List

  1. Small back pack or carrier with handle to put your kit in.

  2. Medications, Complete Medical Records with Vaccinations & Current Microchip Info in a zip lock bag

  3. 5 day supply of Food & Water for each pet plus their special treats

  4. Collar w/ tags attached, Copy of your pets ID Tag Info

  5. Leash, harness and muzzle

  6. Food Bowls, Manual Can Opener if needed for canned food. Food Bowls do not have to be the stainless steels but rather those cheap rubber made imitations. Something light weight & portable

  7. Sheets & Towels for bedding. Plus these can be used to dry your pet if needed from weather or from washing them

  8. Crate or Carrier for transporting your pet

  9. Disposable Litter Pan & Cat litter (Cats)

  10. Current photo & description of your pet in case you get seperated

  11. A favorite toy to help alleviate the pets stress

  12. Flea & Tick Treatment

  13. List of Pet friendly Hotels & boarding facilities & their contact info

  14. Liquid dish soap, disinfectant

  15. Newspaper, paper towels, trash bags

  16. Pet First Aid Kit - (tweezers, Gauze, Hydrogen Peroxide, q-tips, bandages, saline eye wash, antibiotic ointment, scissors, elastic tape, athletic tape, ace bandages.

Get a Pet Rescue Sticker & place it on your front door. This will alert First Responders you have a pet for their safety plus it tells them to please rescue them too.

Keep a copy of your pet’s info in your Home Disaster Kit and replace all food every six months.

Practice your evacuation routine with your pet so you are both prepared and this will reduce stress on both of you.

* This means physically exercising this routine: Once a quarter or every six months, get your pet, place them in their carrier, grab their gear and head to your vehicle and go for a drive. Do not go to the park, just go for a drive so they know it is a different routine than when the go to the vet or park. This will train them t not be stressed when in the vehicle and they will not think every time they get in the vehicle it is to go to the vet.

If you think of anything we missed please leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you and what you feel are great added things we could include. We will repost this later in the year with your addition if the logic is sound. Have A Great Day.

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