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Protect Your Home / Protect Your Way Of Life

Protect Your Home / Protect Your Way Of Life

Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home / Protect Your Way Of Life

Home, Business & Personal Security is vital in today’s world and it does not have to break the bank for you to feel secure. For several years, I worked for a leading security company. In my teen years, I got my first taste of installing security systems helping a local company in the town I grew up in and let me tell you things have drastically changed thru the years. Things have gone so high tech and 9/10 times most people don’t use the gadgets security providers push on them.

While I am an avid believer in “Monitored Alarm System” as they are the only way for an alarm to actually call an alarm monitoring center who in turn notifies local law enforcement of your alarm going off, there are other alternatives for home owners on a budget.

What most people do not realize is, when a Natural Disaster strikes like in the case of Hurricane Irma in Aug 2017, when the power goes off so does your alarm. While most of the top systems have battery backup they generally only last 24/48 hrs max, if you are lucky.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with your alarm provider, it is an industry change when it went to wireless type systems. What is referred to “The Can In The Closet”, the old wired alarm system have a much larger battery the new wireless systems. This battery is like what was seen in the old wireless hand held home phones from the 80’s. You remember them there batteries would be lucky to last a day without being on the charger. Wired system are rarely installed now days as they are very labor intense taking days to install and generally cost more because they are normally installed during the construction phase of a new home. The alarm company also has t make several trips, one during construction phase, and another when the home owner moves in to make sure system is up and to sign up the home owner for monitoring. Wireless systems can be installed in hours are installed in existing homes and apartments all over the USA. The major down fall to them is when the power goes off, so does your alarm.

For the budget minded person with a garden home or small apartment there are battery type alarms that do not have to be installed or connected to an alarm monitoring system. The down fall to them is that will not notify the police, they only make a super loud noise that hopefully your neighbors will hear. This is a great addition to an existing alarm in that you can add them to a monitored system for added security when the power goes out and best yet, you can do it yourself very easily.

Here s a great example: The budget minded home owner calls a legitimate home alarm company to come to their home and buys what is the industry is called a 3 Door & Motion Package. They did not get the add on’s for every window in the house. They told the rep they never open the windows anyway. This is where the stand alone, individual battery sensor would come into play. You can add stand alone Door / Window Sensors, Glass Breaks and even stand alone Motions Sensors to areas that are not covered by the alarm companies paid service and it will work when the power is off.

Needless to say, many I know have a small draw with several for their doors, so in the case of a power outage or natural disaster; they can use double sided tape and add them to their doors in a moment’s notice for added security.

Believe it or not, I have even heard of campers using the battery motion sensor as a camp security. Tie it to a tree, set it and know when someone or something i.e.: Bear or other creature enters your camp site. These are also great for RV’s as most alarm companies will not monitor a moving location to location RV or Travel Trailer. You can also use the one with a key chain remote for a covered trailer in your back yard. Great for onsite location i.e.; Flea Markets, etc.

Here is a link to a battery operated alarm with a key chain remote that would be perfect for the trailer / camping scenario.

Other links for inexpensive alarm alternatives.

Here is another great alternative for someone wanting to add security system to your home without paying for an expensive home alarm. Please keep in mind, this too will not work if Power is out or internet is out.

The all new Door Bell Camera companies; there are several out there. The door bell camera incorporates a regular door bell with a small fish eye camera that goes straight to you phone. It has a built in motion camera that activates when someone i.e.: Burglar or package delivery person approaches your door. They have also come out with a new motion activated flood light with a camera that also goes to your phone, it will send you a notification when it is activated.

Don’t get me wrong, a professional installed, monitored alarm is best for day to day, but having a back up you can do yourself is also key or having the option to add something like a ring gives you added security without having to pay for add on services thru a large alarm company.

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