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List The Most Important Preps That You Own

I was sitting here thinking about my preps – something that I do from time to time while reassessing my readiness as the winter months are coming upon us.

You might ask, “Readiness for what?”, and I would answer, “Just about anything”. One’s readiness and preparedness might be as small or as large as you make it to be. Coming from a emergency management background dealing with Natural disaster, my mind always tend to go there first. Winter storms, Ice Storms, Flooding, Tornado’s, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes just to mention a few I have dealt with..

Sometimes there are limiting factors such as time, money, space, circumstances; but we all live with and make the best of our own situation.

That said, I thought it would be interesting for us to list some of the “most important” preps that we own (or would like to own) so as to come up with a list.

Everyone has their own opinions, priorities and concerns, so don’t be intimidated by what someone else may say if it’s different from your own. So lets hear from you:

After I’ve gathered a bunch of your answers, I will use them to present a list…

List as few or as many that you wish.

Comment below:

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