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Grey Man Gear: How to Blend In

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When you try attaining grey man status it is often the items you choose to carry or wear that can make or break your attempt. It can be as simple as your wardrobe that can cause you to stand out so imagine how much more attention something like a large knife or assault pack will draw when trying to blend in with the “normal” population. Your grey man gear can make you blend in easily. Picking the right gear is vital for your success.

Grey Man Gear: Apparel

First off we need to cover your general outfit. Your goal here should be something that is up to date style-wise and not overly colorful or have a lot of words or pictures plastered on it to draw attention and allow you to be easily recalled. As the name implies simple greys, lighter blues, dull greens tend to be good options for shirt color and simple blue jeans will work very well. Avoid the typical tactical outfit with multi-cam and military garb as this will more than likely draw a lot of attention to you.

A simple and functional shoe is best.

Simple hiking boots or regular tennis shoes will be sufficient for blending in with your footwear. A spotless pair of Nike’s or well polished boots will likely be something someone may notice and remember later. Keeping it basic makes it very easy to pick out footwear. Think of them functionally and you will probably be just fine.

A baseball cap without any obnoxious logos or bright colors is a great accessory as it can help make you blend in more easily and hide more of your features making you harder to recall. Sunglasses may have the same effect so long as you avoid ones that draw attention to your face, like a pair of expensive designer or high-end name brand sunglasses. The eyes are incredibly essential when it comes to identifying someone and if you don’t believe me look at military and government agencies that simply put a black bar over a person’s eyes and area around them as a way to keep their identity hidden. If you can incorporate these two things into your grey man gear you will have a good chance of not leaving a lasting impression.

A hoodie is a great option

A great addition to your grey man gear is a jacket or hoodie is a great option as it allows you to better conceal something under it if you need to and they are very common depending on the temperature. If you are out in 100°F weather in a hoodie you will probably draw more attention to yourself than if you were shirtless so think of that when going about your choice. Once again a simple color that is not a bright neon or have memorable designs or logos is the best option so people will not even notice. Wearing your hood up in weather that also does not dictate it may draw attention to you as people tend to be suspicious of people with their hoods up so unless it is cold it is best to leave it down.

Grey Man Gear: Cutting Tool

Another key aspect to grey man gear is your knife choice. You need a good knife whether it is a folder or fixed blade that does not draw attention to it. Having a visible sheath is going to be very noticeable. I like to have a good folding knife because you can simple slide it into your pocket clip and all and nobody will know you have it. That being said if you just have one knife it will be important to pick one that can serve in a self-defense role and be useful in a potential fight. You don’t want a 2.5” blade to defend yourself should it come to that. Look for options in the 3.5” and 4” range in a folding knife and you will be in good shape.

A multi-tool can help in any number of situations.

A great item to have is a multi-tool. They almost always have a blade as well as important tools you may need depending on where you are traveling to as a grey man. The pliers with a cutting capability are probably the most important part of a multi-tool in this aspect in case you need to cut wire or cable ties. A well built and quality multi-tool does not have to cost a lot of money, especially in this case where you do not want an overly large one that will be noticeable. Something slim and more compact but still with good cutting and snipping capability is a great option.

Grey Man Gear: Bags or Packs

A basic backpack can help you store items without drawing attention.

The next important item to have is some type of bag or pack. Depending on why you are trying to blend in and avoid detection you may need certain supplies or may need to be able to transport items back with you. A backpack or messenger bag is a great option as they do not attract a lot of attention or give cause for concern. Avoid tactical packs or overly large packs because these may cause unwanted attention to you. Just a common backpack made by a good reputable company will hold up to lots of wear and plenty of students have tested the durability to prove their strength. A messenger bag is also a good option but cannot hold quite as much stuff without looking suspicious.

Check out the packs we have on our web site. While can be used for tactical purposes, they also make a great Grey Man type packs and can easily be used to carry day gear including clothing, water, fire kits, fire arms as well as everything you would need to sustain your self for one day to a week..

Grey Man Gear: Firearm

Depending on the situation, such as a SHTF scenario, being armed with a firearm is essential. The real trick is being able to carry an appropriate amount of ammunition as well as have adequate knock down power and not tip anyone off that you are armed. If lawlessness occurs guns and ammo will be one of the most valuable resources available and could put you in danger if in the wrong area and people want what you have.

A handgun is the most obvious and most easily concealed option. Now keep in mind this should only be done in a total collapse of order as it is more than likely illegal to conceal a weapon in your area (check your local and state laws) without the proper license. With the SHTF scenario in mind going back to concealing a handgun is the easiest and holds a good amount of ammunition depending on the version. The smaller the caliber the more the rounds you can typically carry while still being easily concealed.

With this in mind, modern self-defense rounds have made smaller calibers such as the 9mm and .380 very effective for protecting yourself and giving you larger magazine capacity as well as lighter ammunition to carry. While I personally prefer the 9mm & 380, the 45 have come a long way in recent years offering much smaller compact frame designs than what was offered in the past. Keep in mind knock down power is a key factor because as a grey man you will want to avoid trouble and evade should it begin.

Grey Man Gear: Conclusion

Overall this should give you a good idea on what to wear and take with you as you try to blend into a crowd. The main key is to act calmly and mimic those around you so people don’t single you out. The things you wear are what often make an impression so be mindful on your selections as you look for items to blend in with. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.

*All ideas in this article in regards to concealed weapons is meant to be expressed in a total collapse of society, such as a doomsday event. Make sure to check local, state, and federal laws to remain in accordance with these laws for any type of concealed weapon*

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