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Sawyer Mini Vs. LifeStraw

Sawyer Mini Vs. LifeStraw: Dimensions

The Mini Sawyer is very compact

The first and most obvious difference is the size of these two filters. The Sawyer Mini is only around 5 inches and weighs two ounces! This filter is extremely compact and lightweight and will easily fit in your pocket or like I did make a neck lanyard for it out of 550 paracord. Being this compact offers a lot of advantages in terms of carrying it because it is very unobtrusive.

The LifeStraw also only weighs two ounces but is 9 inches long. It is extremely light but its length makes it slightly less convenient to carry on your person but is very easily carried in you day pack or backpack. It’s only 1 inch in diameter so it is a thin filter and easily portable.

Sawyer Mini Vs. LifeStraw: Performance Specs

The LifeStraw is very light and comes with a lanyard.

The fact that each one of these is portable and convenient is one thing but how well they perform is really what matters in a survival situation. The Sawyer Mini’s filter is guaranteed to filter at .1 microns which translates into a very effective filter. It will filter 99.99999% of all bacteria and 99.9999% of all protozoa so you are very strongly protected from dangerous organisms that can cause waterborne illness. Besides the awesome filtration capability this filter will filter up to 100,000 gallons before the cartridge is exhausted. This is an insane amount and is basically a lifetime supplies worth of potable water for three people.

The LifeStraw uses a .2 micron filter that will protect you from up to 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa organisms. This is still a fantastic percentage when you consider if you just drink from a body of water you get 0% protection from these life forms. It will filter up to 264 gallons of water so I would definitely get a couple of these if you plan on using one for hiking but keep one for emergency reasons.

Sawyer Mini Vs. LifeStraw: Conclusion

The Sawyer Mini comes with a complete kit.

Overall the fact that you get so many more gallons out of the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System and the fact it comes with the ability to thread onto a standard water bottle and hydration packs, comes with a 7” straw attachment, and a drinking pouch that it will thread onto, as well as a syringe you can use to clean the filter with all while being very closely priced to the standard LifeStraw model makes it a great option. Plus it comes in a more compact size (minus attachments) so it is extremely simple to grab and go with.

The LifeStraw is a good option especially as a bug out bag item but its size and significantly less gallons it can filter make it lag behind the Sawyer Mini. You can find a LifeStraw on sale for about half the cost of the Sawyer Mini from time to time which makes it a good idea to pick one up. LifeStraw does offer other models and set ups, as does Sawyer, for larger amounts of water filtration so make sure to look at those options. It’s better to have either of these than to have to chance it when drinking water in a survival situation. Both companies make other options for larger water needs and styles so check them out as well. Please keep in mind, there are new water filters coming out on the market all the time. These two are tried and true to say the least.

Another water filter we will be investigating in the coming weeks will be the Renovo Water Filter that was taken off the market, remodeled and came back out under the Renovo Water filter Name MUV Adaptable Water Filter. Stay tuned for our next article on the Renovo MUV Adaptable Water Filter Coming Soon. Please check back for more content

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