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World Global Shipper UPS shuts down operations in the South due to less than 2" of snow.

Today we found out that the worldwide leader in shipping UPS has shut down all operations in the South due to a little snow. Yes, I say little snow; less than 2" of snow crippled this shipping conglomerate and it has affected the Southern Economy and its citizens. We have some items coming in from Texas and the leader in shipping UPS lost an entire container of packages sighting all operations ceased due to the weather and all deliveries have been cancelled until further notice. Their tracking software doesn't work and they have no clue where our packages are located in the USA. When we contacted them we were informed that they understand we ordered products out of Texas on Monday but due to the weather 3 days later they have no clue where our packages are and they cannot tell us when they will be delivered. When we pushed for a supervisor, we were put on hold for 15+ minutes only to be given more excuses and told all deliveries have stopped in the south and they have no clue when they will resume. Now, lets STOP and think about this. The worldwide leader in shipping was crippled this week by a little snow, less than 2 inches of snow but yet other deliveries across the USA have remained. HUMMM. There has to be more to this than what we are being told. We also personally saw several news stations in the Alabama’s Capitol of Montgomery stated law enforcement is asking all citizens to stay off the roads due to the weather conditions and another weather warning was just released that the city of Montgomery is shut down and no one is to enter or leave Montgomery until further notice. All on/ off ramps are closed.

What is up with this????? For the last two days we received notice that UPS cancelled all deliveries and they could not inform the public when deliveries would resume. When we pushed a phone supervisor, we were informed that UPS apparently does not have a clue where my package is and they cannot tell me when it will be delivered. That’s right, I paid for postage from Texas to Alabama and they lost an entire truck load of packages and have no clue if it is still in Texas, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa. The World Wide leader in shipping and their million dollar software and all the people that work there cannot find a container full of packages. I have to say this is not the first time this has happened but I can assure you I will notify everyone that will listen to boycott UPS and we will never use them again. How is it that New Englanders, Alaskans, Canadians and all others in snow ridden areas get their packages on time but we have a little snow, less than 2 inches and the world comes to shut down. How is this possible, What does this mean for the future when it comes to other emergencies?

Are you prepared, if not you need to be!!! This sets the bar for the future in my eyes and we all need to wake up and start paying attention. Whether it be natural disasters or manmade disasters, we all need to become better prepared. This truly opened my eyes to what could come in my families future and I am not talking about UPS and their poor excuse for deliveries, but what little it takes to cripple America.

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