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Are Automatic Knives Legal in USA?

Are Automatic Knives Legal in USA?

Are Automatic / OTF- Out The front, Switch Blades Legal in the USA today?

This question has been raised several times since we first started offering OTFs thru EveryDay preppers. We have even had heated discussions with people at Trade shows only to get them mad when we prove they are legal in the states we travel too. people often hate being proven wrong, but when you confront someone about the wares they sell, it is a good idea to know what you are talking about. Saying this, there are those that just like to pick a fight and we understand this too. Below you will see several web sites we have listed that support the case of legality per state in the USA. while they are in fact not legal across the USA they are legal in most of the United states. It is always best to inquire with your local law enforcement but often times we have found they are not up on current laws in their stated thus why we are writing this article.

This web sites listed are legitimate sights that we feel can be trusted on this topic.. State Laws Regarding Auto-Open Knives, Published March 2017 via CobraTec Knives, LLC.

Alabama Knife Laws by The Knife News Magazine

WHAT KNIVES ARE LEGAL IN ALABAMA? by Smith & McGee Attorneys At Law

- Exert from an article published by this law firm WHAT KNIVES ARE LEGAL IN ALABAMA?There is often a fair amount of confusion when it comes to knife laws, with people making incorrect assumptions both about what is legal and what is illegal. It’s important to note that the laws do differ from one state to the next. Below are a few types of knives that are legal to use in Alabama:1. A balisong, also known as a butterfly knife, is legal to own.2. Knives with automatic or assisted opening systems are legal, despite the common misconceptions about them. This includes gravity knives and switchblades.3. It is also legal to have a toothpick knife, a stiletto, or a dirk.4. You can legally own and carry all types of folding knives, which are some of the most popular and common knives in the state.5. You can’t conceal a Bowie knife, but you can legally carry it in the open. For example, you can wear it on your belt, outside of your shirt.6. If you’re still on land that you own, you can carry a Bowie knife any way you want, and you can conceal it.7. No matter how long they are, you can own double-sided knives.8. As a general rule, you can carry any knife that fits in a pocket.9. You can legally own an “out the front” knife.Not only is it good to know how these laws work if you’re carrying a knife as a work tool or for your own protection, but it’s also wise to know what you can carry—and how to carry it—when hunting. If you’re facing charges for the way you carried a knife, be sure you know your legal options. Source: KnifeUp, “Alabama Knife Laws,” accessed May 05, 2016 WIKI DOT - Switchblade Laws of the United States

I hope this can help with the confusion of legality and laws regarding OTFs, Automatics, switch blades, etc with regards to them being legal in the USA and especially in Alabama.

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