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Everyday Carry - What Do I Really Need?

Everyday Carry - What Do I Really Need

Duration: 12 - 24 Hours

What goes in it: Away From Home Emergencies: Electrical Storm, Tornado, Power Outage, Minor Injury

First, allow to state you can build several different style EveryDay Carry Kits based on your own personal needs and wants. Some people build full out EDC Kits like the one I am showcasing here or you can build mini kits for specific needs. If you are in the Urban Areas (City) you might can build a mini kit in a small back pack or pouch or even a Altoids Tin (I will show case this in another article).

If you are in the rural areas and travel a lot of back roads or up North in heavy Wintry areas and afraid of breaking down and having to Hike out, the kit below may better suit your needs. Dont worry about the size as you can always store it in the vehicle until the need arises. If you are getting everything from scratch, the basic kit outlined below will run you about $220 with the items listed below.

Keep in mind we have some great name brands here but this too is subjective, we just recommend using good quality and name brand items when possible but you cna build this much cheaper.

First in any Kits would be some type Fire Starting implement - Ferro Rod and Fire Tender (Fire Element - Combustible Device)

Dragons Breath Fire Company New Product Out, Magic Disc

Next I would start to pick out my tools....Remember the 10 C’s Cutting tool, Combustion device, Cover, Container, Cordage, Cotton Bandana, Compass, Candlelight, Canvas needle, Cargo tape

  • Gerber Dime Micro Tool $20 (Cutting Tool)

  • Credit Card Survival Pocket Tool $5 (Cutting Tool #2)

  • Good Flash Light $20 (Candlelight) / Glow Sticks

  • Energizer LED Keychain Light $9 (Candlelight #2)

  • Spare AAA batteries Or get a good set of Rechargeable AA’s $2-$4

* Rite in the Rain Notebook $15

  • Fisher Space Pen $15

  • Sharpie Mini $2

  • USB Flash Drive with Important Documents / ID's $10

  • UST JetScream Micro Whistle $6

* OREI Ultra Slim Aluminum External Battery $20 Solar Back Up Batter chargers are great too.

  • Mini 6" USB Cable $3 (with Apple Lightning Attachment $15)

  • 2 Loksaks $8: 1 w/ medical supplies,1 w/ electronics

  • $200-400 cash (You do not have to have this much either, just a suggestion)

* Mini Lighter $1 (Combustible Device #2 - Always helpful to have a back up)

  • CRKT Eat N Tool $5

  • 1 Liter Survival Water Bag $6 (Container)

  • Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets $10

  • Tiny Compass $5 (Shop around for best price, but please look for liquid filled Compass’

* 34 Feet of #12 Tarred Braided Nylon Twine $10

  • Old Credit card wrapped with 10' of Gorilla Tape or Duct Tape $8

  • Rubber Bands or Ranger Bands

  • Safety Pins

  • Paper Clips

  • Sewing Kit

I highly recommend these too to be added to any kit even though some may say they are not necessary.

  • Poncho (Cover)

  • Cordage (30+ feet of Good Paracord or Twine

  • Cotton Bandanna (Multiple uses)

  • Folding Type Knife (Good Quality) $ Price subjective

  • Military Glass Signal Mirror $26

  • CELOX Temporary Wound Treatment 2g $23

  • Some type of water proof case for basic meds (Ibuprofen (For swelling) & Tylenol (For Pain)) $7

  • Ear Plugs $2

  • Cleanwell Sanitizing Pocket Pack Wipes $3

  • iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets for nuclear exposure $8

  • Dust Mask

  • Burt Bee’s Lip Balm $3

  • Nitrile Gloves $1

  • Some type Space Foil Blanket (another form of “Cover”)

  • Lastly, I highly recommend - Toilet Paper Tablets; Believe it or not they really work

Exerts from this article by: Bug Out Bag Builder with added contributions from EveryDay Prepper.

Please keep in mind all of this is all subjective like I mentioned and you need to evaluate your own personal needs, where your live & what your true needs are but we highly recommend the 10’C’s be considered when building any EDC or Emergency Kit type bags.

Thank you for checking out our page and please remember to visit our YouTube Channel and hit the subscribe button

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