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Survivor Personal Water Filter - Product Review

Survivor Personal Water Filter / Model L600 - Product Review

The Survivor Personal Water filter is based on a previous design previously sold under the Renovo name called the Renovo Trio which was highly successful when it was in production. Renovo went in a new direction and the Survivor Filter was reborn under another company name. As we have mentioned in earlier articles Renovo ‘s new MUV is an amazing product but not at the price point most will be willing to pay for the average hiker, camper or something you will put in your Go Bag and never use. While the MUV can be used in more ways the new Survivor is more economical at $29.95 on average and many will find it just as easy to use and some may even find it easier since it has less parts to worry with.

The Survivor is a three stage filer. One, the mesh pre filter, two, the hollow fiber membrane and last is the carbon filter.

Click here: Survivor Filter - Product Video

While we love both filters they do have their Good & Bad Points. First let’s talk about the Survivor since we already have several articles on the MUV already published. Remember to go back thru our Blog to read more about the Renovo MUV Water Filter. The Survivor is an all in one straw water filter that can be used as a stray configuration and dipped into any water source like a river or stream or connect it to your favorite water bottle as seen in the images provided. The Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter System cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 Microns. Thanks to the Triple Filtration System, the Survivor Filter is 400% better than Lifestraw at 0.2 Microns.

The Ultra Filter can be removed and cleaned up to 100,000 liters (26,417 gallons), the replaceable Carbon Filter lasts up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) and the Cotton Pre-Filters (5 extras included in every order) can be used up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons).



  • Independently tested at Intertek Labs in the USA to show removal of - 99.9% Virus, Staph and Bacteria and reduces Heavy Metals

  • Durable but weighs only 3.5 Ounces

  • Attaches securely to many hydration systems without leaking

  • The ONLY Personal Water Filter that uses Triple Filtration down to 0.05 Microns - an Ultra Filter, Carbon Filter and a Cotton Pre-Filter! All filters can be replaced so there is no need to throw out the entire filter after one trip!

  • BPA Free

  • Easy flip-on, flip-off mouthpiece cap keeps cap clean

  • Comes in easy to open Amazon Frustration Free Packaging


  • Can be used directly from fresh water source like a straw

  • Can be used with our Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteens in our Squeeze System

  • OR can be firmly attached to a disposable water bottle with a 28mm threading such as Smart Water or Coke, making the Survivor Filter the most versatile personal water filter straw available

  • Other personal water filters are difficult to drink from but the Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter has a special mouthpiece, an integrated cap to keep the mouthpiece clean and produces a super fast flow rate of 200ml (7 ounces) per minute.


  • Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Prepping

  • Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Trekking and Fishing

  • Vacation, Travel and Backpacking

  • Drinking Water at the Gym or in Public

  • Kids and Adventurers

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Unbeatable Warranty* Survivor Filter believes that you will love this Portable Water Filter so much that we offer a no-hassle 30 Money Back Guarantee and Ltd. Lifetime Warranty!

So, now let’s talk about the Good points Vs the Bad in comparing it to the Renovo MUV or the Life Straw. In the article above it specifically mentions it filters more the Life Straw (+). Another benefit over the Life Straw is that it can be connected to a water bottle or hydration bag (+). It also has more flirtation elements than the Life Straw (+). With regards to the Renovo MUV it is 2/3rds cheaper (+. Does not filter as much as MUV(-). Cannot be used in a gravity feed situation (-). Cannot be added inside a water bottle like the MUV (-). Cannot be back flushed / cleaned but Survivor came out with a new video on how to clean and reuse the filter after each use. Survivor has better flirtation than the Life Straw as well as the Sawyer Mini Filter which we are not fans of. Click Here: How to Clean the Survivor Filter Straw Water Filter For the value, price function, we feel the average person will find the survivor a great fit for their needs. If you want all the bells and whistles that you may or may not truly ever use, I would choose the Renovo MUV. While the MUV will offer more abilities in a water filer kit for the survivalist and camper, it is a little pricy. While I am not taking anything away from the MUV, I would seriously consider adding the Survivor Personal Water Filter to all my packs and vehicles as a great economical water filter for trips, camping and everyday use.

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