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Louisiana Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Passes Senate May 9th

Knife Rights’ bill to repeal Louisiana’s antiquated ban on the possession of switchblade knives, HB 892, passed in the Senate on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, by a vote of 21-11, sending the bill to Governor Edwards! In the previous weeks it passed the State House which now opens the door for the Louisiana Governor to sign off on the final bill to change the law. We, along with Knife Rights would like to acknowledge Representative Mark Wright for his sponsorship and Senator Bodi White for shepherding the bill through the Senate.

If you live or work in Louisiana, please contact Governor Edwards and ask him to sign HB 892. Please do this TODAY.

As soon as the Bill passes into law, EveryDay Preppers will then be able to travel and offer goods & services to the residents of Louisiana. We have been wanting to do this since our companies creation. We would also like to acknowledge all the hard work being done daily by Knife Rights to change antiquated knife laws in America. There are so many old laws that need to be changed. Many of these law were inacted by cities years ago, most should have never been instituted.

Click here to EMAIL Governor Edwards using Knife Rights Legislative Action Center.

Click here to PHONE Governor Edwards using Knife Rights Legislative Action Center.

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