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Knife Rights' Louisiana Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Signed! (PASSED)

During the 2018 Regular Session HOUSE BILL NO. 892 which was a substitute for House Bill No. 200 by Representative Wright was signed this past week by Governor Edwards of Louisiana with in two weeks of being passed by Louisiana House & Senate. This Bill specifically open the door for Louisiana residents carry select knives on their person, in their possession and in their vehicles as well as those outside the state traveling to and from and thru the state for business to also carry, possess certain knives specified in the Bill. One such knife of interest is the auto Knife which in recent years has been classified under the Switch Blade category of knives. This new law will allow people to not only possess, but also carry on their person but also in the vehicles and in their homes any auto, spring assist or any knife considered to be called a switch blade. To Read The Law In Its Entirety Click Here: Switchblade Freedom Day in Louisiana will be August 1, 2018, when the new law goes into effect. EveryDay Preppers would like to acknowledge Knife Rights Founder as well as Representative Mark Wright for his sponsorship and leadership and Senator Bodi White for shepherding the bill through the Louisiana Senate. Look for EveryDay Preppers to come to Louisiana later this Summer (2018)

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