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Slime 2X Heavy Duty Tire Inflator (Product Review)

This past week while at a Trade Show in North Alabama I came outside during the day to get something out of my vehicle to find I had a flat tire on my truck. I asked my vendor brother in and someone had a little portable compressor unit made by the company going by the name SLIME. SLIME has been around for some time as a tire additive to plug leaks in bicycle and motorcycle tires and I was unaware they also offered air compressors. This was a small portable unit inside of a hard shell plastic box. Inside the box contained a small compressor, power cords and coiled air hose. I connected the air hose to the truck tire and then connected the power wires via alligator clips to my truck battery and with in 2-4 minutes this little compressor completely aired up a large truck tire to my amazement. I was so amazed by this when I got home I went to my local big box store to look for it and was surprised I was not able to find it. My local Wal Mart did have a SLIME Compressor but it was a smaller unit and not made for what I felt was for larger truck / trailer tires plus most of their units came with SLIME Additive and I didn't want that. I have been told and I will say as a disclaimer "I have been told if you use SLIME on a "Vehicle Tire" it may work but may also void the tires manufacture warranty. This is something you may have to check into for yourself. So, I went to the World Wide Web and was able to find the unit I had used in North Alabama and that worked for me and I ordered one. Speaking from personal experience, I highly recommend this unit and I encourage you get one for your vehicles; especially if you travel a lot or pull a trailer. I also encourage you all to get a tire plug kit. Having both could really save you like it did us. Thank you for following EveryDay Preppers and dont forget to check out our Facebook Page and Subscribe to our YouTube and Instagram sites. Specs: Slme 2X Heavy Duty Tire Inflator: Two cylinders deliver maximum power for rapid inflation Connects directly to battery Inflates mid-size car tire in 2 min 30' total reach The Slme 2X Heavy Duty Tire Inflator features:Coiled air hose Internal thermal breakIn-line dial gauge with shock-resistant housing Bright LED light Air adapters Aluminum folding handle Rigid storage case Assembled dimensions: 11.6"L x 7.0"W x 9.4"H

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