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Can Facebook & other Apps read your messages & listen to your conversations?

Article shared from Jeff Rossen / Rossen Reports - Today Show Can Facebook Read Your Messages? Yes

Myth No. 1: Yes, Facebook is reading your private messages sent via Facebook Messenger.

How to protect yourself:

Open the messenger app.

Search for the contact you want to message.

Click on your contact’s photo.

Scroll down to "SECRET CONVERSATION" and hit it.

Your conversation is now private.

Myth No. 2: Uber is tracking your every move even when you aren't using the app.

Answer: No. The company used to track everyone even when they weren't on the app, but a backlash from customers resulted in them no longer doing it, Stickley said.

However, you still can be monitored at all times by Uber by accidentally turning it on without even realizing it. You can turn off the tracking by taking the following steps:

Go to settings.

Then scroll to privacy.

Go to "Location Services"

Scroll down to the Uber app and hit it.

Change to "While Using the App."

Myth No. 3: Amazon's Alexa is listening all the time.

Is Alexa recording your conversations?

Answer: Yes ... and no. The device is always listening for the prompt "Alexa," and Amazon says it won't start recording until it hears that word.

However, Amazon also told NBC News that Alexa devices will wake up "in rare cases" if a word in background conversation sounds like "Alexa," and the company is continuing "to improve wake word accuracy and minimize false responses."

There are more, I just wanted to share the Top 3 from Jeff's article. Read more by clicking on the link

How to protect your privacy when apps are tracking you

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