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Cullman Gun & Knife Show

Friday, Sept 7th at 2 pm, EveryDay Preppers will participate in a new show that will be coming to the Cullman, Alabama Area from the guys at Valley Productions (VPI). This is the first time We have participated in a Friday Shows and to make it even more special, the guys at VPI are also doing an Auction at 6 pm on Friday Night. So, the Gun & Knife show will run 2 pm-8 pm starting Friday and in the middle of the Friday show, they will host an auction. They will return Sat all day from 9 am to 6 pm for the last day of the show. I dont know if this has ever been done, but we are excited to be apart of it. Sounds like a great experience nevertheless. This also makes the 20th year for VPI doing shows in Alabama so this is a special occasion too. Come congratulate the team Sept 7th & 8th on their 20th year in the business; this is HUGE.

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