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*** Beware of ADS Security New App Update (Warning) ***

*** ADS Security Warning *** Just this week, ADS Security a Nashville, Tenn based company released a new update from the third part alarm company Honeywell. ADS Security uses Honeywell Products for their home systems and this week an update came out demanding that home owners sign and accept a new policy that allows them, Honeywell and their new Third party contracted company Resisteo technoloy to capture your data and how you sue your alarm. I dont know if this is illegal of not, but I assume if they charge you for a service that they do not provide you have legal grounds for legal matters against them. They have a history of making their policy holder resign contracts before their original contracts are over. Example: If you have to mover for work and / or personal reason with in the same area or town or coverage area, ADS Security makes you sign a new contract which illegally extends your contract terms instead of just adjusting your physical address. So, this shows the devotion their customers, no it takes advantage of them and it looks like once again ADS Security is back at it antics to once again take advantage of their customers this time allowing a third / fourth party type company to capture your information abut your alarm system and how you use it on a daily basis and you either accept it or you are not allowed access to the hone app that they charge you for each month. Isnt this illegal???? They are not the family oriented company they claim to be. To my point: Most recently I received a notification regarding their Honeywell Alarm Phone App that I feel is vital that everyone needs to be aware of immediately.In the image attached ADS Claims to host Elite Private Monitoring but they use a Third Party App. (Honeywell Total Connect) whom is now being monitored thru another company Resideo Technology. Please Keep reading and I will explain...This new update is from their new Software company (Resideo Techonology) who is contracted thru Honeywell Alarm Company who is the alarm panels used by ADS Security has been using for years So, I assume where you allow them access to your phone app or not ADS Security and / or Honeywell sells your information to Resideo Technology. Resideo specifically stated you now have to agree to new Terms & Conditions that will allow this Third Part to capture data about how you use your alarm daily.

The Policy Statement describes, among other things: • Information they collect:• Account registration info: Your name, email address, physical address, zip • Information about how you use your alarm (Basically when you come and go from your home) • Date about your alarm, what devised you have connected to your alarm, door sensors, window sensors, motions sensors, cameras, etc., audio and video clips. - Why do they need to capture and store your video clips??? • Other Information not specified in the statement they provide. - This is a blanket statement that allows them to use it however they see fit in the future and you have no rights! They “Claim” they use the information to provide services to better operate your alarm system and to imp[rove your system, but why is it needed t capture my comings and goings and capture copies of my video & audio clips??? If you refuse this agreement the Honeywell Software Alarm Phone App will not work! I have chosen, at the time of this article not to allow this. This does not mean my alarm will not work, this means my phone app will not work. My alarm will still work as it always has, I just lost the ability to use the phone app which I also hope causes them to loss the ability to loss the ability capture my data from the phone app. Keep in mind also that with this phone app, the alarm company (ADS Security) they charge you an extra fee per month to use this phone app. So, think about this: You are being taken advantage of in multiple ways. 1. You are being charged to use a phone app where pother companies give it to you for free! 2. While you are being charged for the phone app, they are capturing Personal Data on you and selling it to a Third Party who in turn can sell it to whomever they want to as many times as they want too. 3. Nowhere in the NEW ADS / Honeywell Users Agreement did it state they would not sell your information to any other party or company, so how is your personal information truly being protected.I cannot speak for other alarm companies and how they operate.How can you Boast of Elite Private Monitoring when you subcontract out to multiple third art companies? The Alarm panels are thru Honeywell who contract out to other companies for their software. Their camera systems are also thru other companies who also contract out to multiple other software companies but all of this is supposedly thru ADS Elite Private Monitoring. Saying all of this you may say I am bashing ADS Security, this is not my intentions. I am just spelling out the facts. They have brought in an upper management leader who is a head hunter who turned the company around in a short period and built up a company at the expense and the backs of it's employee's. They are a good security company when it comes to security. they could care less about their employees. But dont be fooled by advertising and other related gimmicks, always read the fine print and know what you are getting into before signing the dotted line!!! Many other alarm companies employee these same techniques to capture your data. Also where I live the other alarm companies contract out to 3-4 other companies, so multiple other companies all have their hands on your data. So, like I mentioned earlier, dont be fooled in thinking you are 100% secure. Who Is Protecting You If You Do Not Protect Yourself ?

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