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Did You Know Schrade Has a Long Standing History Of Awards At Blade Shows?

In doing some research I came across an article published some time ago about one of the knives we currently carry and we wanted to share some of its highlights. The article originally published in June of 2016 boast that the Schrade 52 won the People's Choice Award from Blade Show - the people voted on the most deserving knife. Unsurprisingly, like 2015, Schrade is the winner. Taylor Brands has released a slew of amazing knives, and the people recognize the constant strive for greatness.The winner is the SCHF52, an upgrade on the SCHF36, which won last year’s People Choice award. It has a long 1095 carbon steel handle with better coating a grippy handle with less aggressive jimping. Good work guys.It’s available right here at EveryDay Preppers, so you can pick up the Schrade SCHF52 here. Think you can't improve on something that's already great? Schrade begs to differ. The Schrade SCHF52 Frontier is an updated version of the SCHF37, which was widely hailed as a great fixed blade.The SCHF52 retains the same 7.04-inch 1095 carbon steel blade, but it features an upgraded blade coating. The thick powder coating of the previous iteration created drag while batoning, but the SCHF52 uses a Teflon-like coating that not only holds up better to rigorous use but also adds an extra layer of rust-resistance to the steel.Made of durable black TPE, the handle was extended and jimping on the lower part of the grip was removed. This ensures there are no hot spots in your grip, making it comfortable to wield for hours on end. A pronounced curvature toward the rear of the grip also keeps the knife from slipping out of your hand. Less aggressive jimping on the handle near the spine of the blade gives even greater control when dealing with finer tasks.The Schrade SCHF52 comes with a black polyester belt sheath as well as a ferro rod, striker, and sharpening stone.

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