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Facebook Censorship Is Back In The News

Content Controlled Censorship

Today, Facebook has Silenced EveryDay Preppers Owner by blocking it’s owner from making post and sending personal messages out on his personal page for supposedly violating the terms and conditions of it’s organizations. I was under the impression that the sole purpose was networking and that included and was not limited to all forms of networking including but not limited to the selling of items.

Several years ago, I was probably one of the last to move over from MySpace to Facebook because I felt Facebook was too in your face; yes, I said it, LOL. From my research Facebook was made by college students on a college campus for college students to network among themselves and to get to know one another. Today Facebook has grown out of control and Facebook is used to millions of things and is used daily for business and countless other things, but more importantly lost its core goals of networking. In retrospect, The World Wide Web was a tool to do research that grew out of control similar to Facebook that Mark Zuckerburg, Owner and core creator can barely control today. I would imagine he spends millions each year to stay ahead of the curve but "Censoring Americans" is not the way to do it. Allowing Freedom of speech is the only way to do this as is our RIGHT! While MySpace was originally made for Bands and Music to help them, Facebook was made for networking of all types. Censoring those who use it and not allowing those to use it as it was intended is wrong. Like the WWW, it has grown into a new animal and the evolution will continue to grow and Mr. Zuckerburg I hate to inform you sir, but like a child, you need at some point it will become an adult and offer adult things. Maybe sir, you need to offer two versions of Facebook based on age criteria. Since you dont enforce the age limit and now 6-8 year old's have Facebook accounts and can see anythign they want anyway. I am not saying to let it be like Skynet and grow out of control but basic censorship is “Violating The Rights of Americans” sir.

Last year we heard Facebook, like YouTube was silencing its creators from using verbal terms i.e. Guns or Weapons. One of the owners of EveryDay Preppers was selling a new ammo crate. This is a little empty plastic box. This had been up on several Facebook Yard Sale Pages for some time with no issue. Some pages allowed it while some immediately had Fire Walls go up and Block It. Unknown if the Admins of the pages were Censorship Nazis or if it were Facebook itself stopping it.

We even saw Facebook stopping post that were believe it or not just simple Vinyl Decals that had nothing to do with weapons or guns. Now you tell me what this had to do with anything that violates their terms and conditions??? Two years while working for an alarm company, I had a GPS device that I was selling not allowed to be put up on Facebook. I filled an appeal and still today, 2.5 years latter a decision has yet to be rendered in that case. I guess, Facebook is too busy to deal with its content creators, the same people that created millions and millions of dollars for Mr. Zuckerburg and his staff. Hopefully Facebook will allow our owner back online in 24 hours like they promised, only time will tell. Hard to keep a Good, Honest Man Down!!!

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