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Pre-Christmas Annual Sale At Philadelphia

The first week of December you can bank on Big Pop Gun Works returning each year to the Philadelphia, Mississippi area for their once a year / annual pre-Christmas Extravaganza sale. People come from all over the State of Mississippi as well as Alabama and other surrounding states to participate in this sale. Event Host Davis Chancellor always has a waiting list from year to year of vendors dying to get into this show. Being that this is a once a year event and Chancellor generally advertises a 200 +/- mile radius around this event you will generally see his signs at the Alabama State Line for this event as well along all major highways and biways as well as Farm lands for miles leading up to Philly. This thing is massive event and is not a show you will want to miss out on. Last year was our first event and there was a huge line just waiting for the doors to open and it was elbow to elbow when the doors finally opened. This is Big Pops last show of the year and it is the perfect tie to get in on the last minute deals for Christmas and for those End Of The Year / Holiday Deals. Make sure you stop by our booth, The EveryDay Preppers Booth and look for our Banner and Orange Blinking Lights. See yea there...

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