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EveryDay Preppers Unveils the all new CobraTec Bodies at Mobile Pre-Christmas Show

EveryDay Preppers is honored to showcase the All New Bodied CobraTec Knives featuring their Cobra Branded Logo and the strongest springs & guides in the industry at the Mobile Pre-Christmas Gun & Knife Show scheduled for Dec 8th & 9th at the Mobile Fair Grounds. .

I will say that CobraTec is always taking their company to the next level and elevating themselves from the competition. Other’s seem to go the extra mile to copy them. Every time CobraTec comes out with new concept it only takes a few weeks and their competition will come out with something to copy them. When you are a leader in the industry, there is always someone looking to knock you down. This applies to us here at Everyday Preppers as a Southern Owned Family Based Company here in the South as well as CobraTec, a leader in the automatic knife industry.

People have been comparing them to others in the market place for years. *** If you want to compare them now days, remember to compare Apples 2 Apples. There really is no one that offers the quality they do, trust me I have tried them all and I have even sold the competition for a few weeks before choosing to go with whom I felt was a better knife, CobraTec. For Quality, Price Point and True Warranty, they are the best I our opinion.

If you want a cheap knife that will constantly break, buy one of those others and bring it back to me and surrender it too me for a 10% Discount off full retail towards a CobraTec OTF. This is only offered thru EveryDay Preppers and has nothing to do with CobraTec LLC., this is my offer & promise to you! * (Offer subject to change January 2019)

CobraTec Knives LLC, Hands down is better than anything you will find in the Gun Show Circuit anywhere. We are honored to represent them in the South and be a sales leader for them here in Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana.

See them in person this Saturday & Sunday at the Mobile Fair Grounds Pre-Christmas Gun & Knife Show.

Visit our Event Page by Clicking on this link

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