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Walmart To Eavesdrop On Shoppers and Employees In Stores

Walmart gains patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and employees in stores.

The system would pick up scanner beeps, rustling bags and conversations.

What most people of West Alabama do not realize is that several Tobacco Stores throughout West Alabama already have are microphones hidden in the shelving units throughout the stores to listen to customers conversations. While it is a illegal to record guest people without their knowledge, it is a gray legal area to listen too them while in the store as this is a public are where privacy cannot be expected just like you being video monitored.

Being that I used to work in commercial security field for years, I was privy to certain aspects of this and I can assure you I saw several stores use this technique here in Tuscaloosa and Northport. While I didn't sell these nor approve of them, they are being sold in the industry.

Big Box stores in Malls throughout America have employed this type of monitoring for years. So, be careful what you say when shopping. I am not talking about the Wal Mart Cash register surveillance recording.

As far as I am concerned, speaking first hand, Americans fascination with surveillance has gotten out of hand and we are constantly being surveilled everywhere we go. I personally have countless cameras and alarms around my home and property but this is for security not for general surveillance sake. All of my camera record and my security is a monitored alarm system.

The town that I live in has no less than 150 red light camera around the town and after a wreck the other year I requested a copy of the camera footage only too find out 1/8, if that are monitored, another 1/8 are recorded and the others are live feeds with no recording and no one monitoring. I was informed they got free money /grant from the Government (My Tax Payers Money); someone in the cities office filled out the paper work and got the city free cameras. Then they went to the City Council to raise local taxes and found a way to pay for the over prices labor cost to install them for no one to monitor and record them.

Sorry, got off on a rant for a minute.....

This article talks about how WalMart is fixing to violate your civil rights once again and record you without your permission while you check out each time for the sake of security while checking on their cashiers.

So, before we get started on this video lets take a look at Walk Marts track record of hiring employees.

1. During the Obama scare and Ammo became scarce, WalMart Employees where checking in Ammo and before it made it too the shelf, it was stolen by employees. This came from a WalMart Department Head Manager to us. She informed EDP that her own employees got caught stealing ammo, sold it on the streets, & Facebook, kept the profit and came back to work (WalMart) and rung it up like it was a sale. Very Crafty for sure.

2. WalMart gets their feet in the door of a community and the next thing they do is ……they feel the best way to take care of

their community is the hire less employees and install self checkout lines? Is this because they do not have the faith that the

employees they hire can take care of their jobs or they want to take advantage of a community or that they are cheap and want to

screw over a community???

3. They keep their employees business doing non-since business work and doing restocking during store hours unlike other chain stores and grocery stores which do it after hours? Oh I forgot they want to cut back on employee hours for fear of having to pay employee benefits. Now lets get to the new invasion of privacy Wal Mart is fixing to bestow on the American public for Christmas My WARNING to Americans is to watch what you say while at Wal Mart after watching this article.

Walmart gains patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and employees in store

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