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CASC - Collectors & Shooters Company Releases 2019 Show Schedule

In late December of 2018 Alabama Show the Promoter CASC - Collectors and Shooters Company released the highly anticipated show schedule for the 2019 Gun & Knife Show Calendar. This has been in the works for some time and something the Alabama vendors have been anticipating for for some time. Vendors have been trying to plan for months to iron out their 2019 calendar and it was hard as CASC waited until the last show of the season to release their schedule. Needless to say, we have it here for everyone to see. With all the shows happening in the South within a five state area, it is sometimes hard to choose which show to attend, If you attend a CASC show, you can bank on getting a schedule on Sunday of each show weekend. Not only does this keep the vendors informed, it also lets new vendors know about upcoming shows. CASC does not have a web site and does not have an active Social Media page at this time, so the only way to know about their shows is to contact them directly as listed on the flier we provided or to check Alabama Gun Shows on the World Wide Web. EveryDay Preppers Calendar is going to be super full this year as we plan to once more do as many shows in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as possible; as well as expand into other states which may mean once more creating another EDP team like we did this past year. We hope our recent Blogs helps with active shows in and around the region as we have more shows to highlight coming soon. If you are a promoter and would like to get featured here on EveryDay Preppers please email us and provide us yours show information. Thank You, EDP

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