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Valley Productions Inc Releases 2019 Show Dates

Valley Productions Inc. released their 2019 Show Dates along with a new location for their Huntsville show. In 2018 VPI held their Huntsville shows at the former Huntsville Shrine Temple now, the National Speleological Society Building. I have to say the one time we went there it was a nightmare of a building for vendors to get in and out of; with a small one way alley in and out to being really off the road where patrons could not see the building from the main highway and it really was very difficult to unload and load and the building was really small. Speaking on behalf of EveryDay Preppers, I am glad to see them move to a new location at the New Cahaba Shrine Center, only time will tell if this new location is any better for both the vendors and patrons alike. If you make the vendors happy and get them to return you will ultimately see a return of the patrons. This combined with proper advertising, you will see some really great shows return to the area. More schedules from other shows coming soon... Stay tuned right here at EveryDay Preppers for more news and information from around the region.


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