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Facebook is the worst, but it can still be controlled

Facebook is everywhere, whether we like it or not. The sheer size and power of the company has convinced some that it's time to treat the company the same way we treat phone and cable companies: with anti-monopoly suits and heavy regulation. But reining in Mark Zuckerberg's monopoly will be harder than it sounds. Dont get me wrong, I use Facebook everyday more for business than personal, but I am guilty of using it for my personal life to sometimes vent about life and daily occurrences so i guess Facebook tracks this too as Facebook tracks us in everything we do throughout our entire life. Every wonder about those those really cool questionnaires about "Whats Movie Character Would You Be From Tombstone?" This is a type of personality test that Facebook uses against you for market purposes that they in turn run thru there billion dollar computers and sell off the results and tomorrow you will start seeing ads based on what type shampoo you like, the favorite car/ truck you drive, your favorite type pants yo is all a markets gimmick Facebook uses against you to make billions of dollars. This is how and why they can keep Facebook Free.

Now, lets take this too the next level for argument sake. Lets say you take all these test for a one year period since social media is only less than 10 years old, right? These billion dollar computer stock pill all this data on 100's of billions of people taking these personality test, what do you think Facebook does with the data? Do they sell all of the data? Probably not. They sell what they want others to know to keep there company going and they keep what they want to keep in reserve and use against you and others for a rainy day.....I would; wouldn't you? From a defensive strategy / military move this is the best think to do...right?

Think about this next time you are asked by any social media page to take any type test, while they are cool and I agree they are cool and I too am guilty of taking them, they have alternative motives I promise you. I sometimes take them and give false answers to throw off the test to see what other answers it will give me. Just food for thought. In the mean time, please check out this video.....

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