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EveryDay Preppers Expands Into North Florida

On January 19th, 2019, EveryDay Preppers takes the drive and heads to the great state of Florida to expand the EveryDay Preppers Brand as well as CobraTec Brand into North Florida. In talks this past week with CobraTec owner, Rick informed CobraTec he was expanding EDP into Florida this year and wanted to know if it was ok to take his CobraTec Dealership into North Florida and he was given full permission to do so sighting he was the only person at this time to offer CobraTec's in North Florida. What an amazing opportunity for us and the brand to bring not only the products EDP offers to a new customer base but also be on the ground floor to help expand the CobraTec brand into a new state. We will be at the North Florida Gun & Knife show in Pensacola, Florida run by the Victor Bean. We already do shows with his sister Sondra in Louisiana and their brother Shawn in Birmingham and look forward to doing some new shows with Shawn this year in Mississippi too this year in Jackson and Hattiesburg, MS in 2019. Look for EDP to expand into other markets in 2019 as this is just the beginning for EDP. Stay tuned for more great news ....

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