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Beware of Fade Trends In The New Cup Designs

YETI, RTIC, Ozark and all the other similar cup manufactures’ have been around for years and everyone wants one. People have been debating which one is better for years and this debate has slowed down and for the moment and now people are looking to bling out their newest cup, whichever one that is. What they fail to realize is that these cups come with a warranty and if you alter the cup in any way, you void the warranty. Most recently a close friend who is a cup dealer informed me that they had a customer contact them with an issue with one of their cups and they told their customer to contact the cup manufacturer and they did. The manufacturer told them since they altered the cup they would not warranty it. My friend still warranted the cup for them because they are that kind of person but not all dealers you come across will do this. Last year one of the most popular things to do to your stainless steel cup was to Cerakote your cup. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness, normally baked in finish thru an oven or heat treatment. While this is an amazing treatment and looks incredible this according to YETI and RTIC alters the cup and voids the warranty. Is it worth the risk? That is a personal choice for you to decide. Me, I personally would because I think it is amazing but doing it on a YETI probably not when I can get a RTIC or OZARK for half the price, but that is me. If you do decide on this I would highly recommend getting this from a reputable and authorized Cerakoter and not someone doing it in their garage or carport, but again, this is up to you it’s your cup. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

In late 2018, we started seeing a new specialized color treatment using some type inks and clear coating process with a homemade hot dog / BBQ skewer rotators popping up on social media where home based business all over the country started popping up to home make their own designs. Most of these people are fly by nite people you never heard of before with homemade rigs, no business licenses and no design ever looks the same and I guess that is the point of these type designs. They would post videos show how they made a cup and you would watch it live on Facebook and order your cup as they made it and others all while you watched it. While the concept was initially cool, several of the videos I saw the rig fell apart ruined the paint, the rig didn’t fit the cup distorting the cup opening and all of this is 100% voiding the warranty of the cup. REMEMBER what YETI & RTIC said in their warranty, if you alter the cup in any way, it will void the warranty. This is not like a Vinyl sticker you can peel off this is permanent alcohol ink and clear coat / Epoxy or Cerakote that is on the cup forever!

Video Link: Alcohol Ink Tumbler:

This is not to pick on any particular Alcohol Ink designer, but to show how the process is done and how this is accomplished by non licensed personnel / average person and another example of why YETI / RTIC and other cup companies will void the warranty of your cups.


Since Alcohol Ink is a new process to the industry and the world as a whole, no true case study has been preformed as to whether or not how these inks will affect the cups. Will they bleed thru the metal? Will they affect the taste of your drink in the long term? Will the inks bleed thru the epoxy and / or clear coat? Does everyone use the same product and is this product safe for humans? This would also apply to those trying the Hydro Dip Process too.

No one knows this as I said, no scientific case study has been preformed and since everyone seems to be using all different types of off the market shelf / cheap / third world inks, no one knows how it will affect you???

Be careful what you buy from the Internet and Social Media and whom you buy from! YETI Warranty: Click Here

RTIC Warranty: Click Here

To be honest in looking at the big picture in all of this, it is a personal choice. Do You Want To Take The Risk??? To be safe, go with a "Vinyl Decal" you can always peal it off if you have a warranty issue and never have to worry about anything. Vinyl is cheaper in the long run but may not be as cool. Pro's & Con's, The Choice Is Yours!

Decals Can Easily Be Removed, Cleaned & Will Not Affect Warranty!!!

Hope this article helps and you look more carefully next time, the safest way to modify your cup is vinyl decals as this can easily be removed and cleaned before your warranty claim. While it may not be as cool as Cerakote, Alcohol inks and Hydrodip , while look cool will 100% void your warranty on your cup and and there is no science behind it proving the toxins in the product will not bleed thru the stainless steel over time will not affect your drinking liquid. As most of these cup manufactures state: it will not guaranty your cup will not perform as it is intended. [endif]

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