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CASC - Collectors & Shooters Heads To North Alabama

On January 25th, CASC - Collectors & Shooters Company takes the drive to North Alabama to host largest gun & knife show in North Alabama as part of their CASC - Collectors & Shooters Company Gun & Knife Show Alabama Circuit and EveryDay Preppers will be there with them on this journey. CASC will bring in vendors from all over the country for this January event and you will see gun, knife, book and even antique dealers attending this show. You will even see clothing vendors offering all types of clothing from camo hunting attire to t-shirt vendors. Pistol and rifle dealers to the best optics dealers around like our favorite: Osprey Global. CASC will only have shows in Huntsville three times in 2019 so, if you want to get in on some amazing deals while they happen, you have to attend these shows. With more and more news happening out of Washington and the Democrats trying to take away the RIGHTS of the People, the local Gun Shows are the best place to see a wide variety of items all under one roof. Shown below are the dates for the Huntsville Shows for CASC. Put them on your calendar and make sure you come out to see us and all the vendors as part of the Northern Alabama Gun Show Tour and help support the local shows.

CASC Huntsville Dates: Show Dates January 26th- 27th

May 25th-26th

October 19th-20th

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