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EDP heads Greenville, MS For The Annual Event Hosted By Big Pop Gun Works

EveryDay Preppers hits the Highways once more, this time we get on Highway 82 West and travel West Bound to the small farming community of Greenville, Mississippi for the annual event hosted by Big Pop Gun Works. This is a highly supports event by the Greenville area and it is always a highly anticipated event for both vendors and patrons alike. We did this show for the first time last year and we met some amazing folks and could not believe how supportive it was by the local community. We also found out there have a good size Sea Bee Base there for training along the river which was surprising to me. We were honored to meet several servicemen / women as well as tons of local law enforcement officers from in and around the area in town for training too. Like I said, we had a great turn out last year, and we anticipate another one this year.

Make your plans to come see us and all the vendors this coming weekend in Mississippi. We will be in Mississippi a lot this month as well as this year working with Big Pop Gun Works as well as other new vendors we have never worked with before. We also plan to be working with new vendors in Louisiana this year as well. Stay tuned as EveryDay Preppers continues to grow throughout the South.

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