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Gas prices could fall below $2/gallon this summer

As the average gas prices continue to fall across the United States, experts state that some Americans may be paying less than $2 per gallon to fill up this summer.

According to AAA, the current national gas average is $2.81 per gallon, which is two cents cheaper than last week, eight cents less than last month and 13 cents less than last year.

Motorists across the country are saving as much as 23 cents per gallon as compared to last month. We have personally seen much cheaper averages as during our travels we have found these numbers: In Alabama prices range from $2.11, $2.17 to 2.39 at the peak). In Louisiana last week, we saw ranges from $2.12, 2.17, 2.21, $2.34 at the highest. Last week Ohio saw the largest gas price increase in the country — up 11 cents — due to regional refinery maintenance and regional flooding, AAA reported.

However, data gathered by determined that the country is on a downward trend. That, coupled with falling oil prices, could likely result in big savings.

This is odd as during yearly averages we normally see high averages in fuel cost during the Summer months when Schools let out for Summer Break Fuel cost rises and family tend to initially travel for the family breaks and then towards end of Summer you start to see fuel cost drop a little and settle down. This year we are seeing something we have not seen in many years.

“The national average has fallen for its fourth straight week, probably not something motorists would associate with the start of the summer driving season,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy said in a press release last week. “More impressively is the surprise that may soon hit some motorists: the nation’s cheapest gas prices may soon fall back under $2 per gallon as oil prices have plummeted nearly $14 in the last 8 weeks.

”DeHaan aided that the price of oil has been affected by worries over President Donald Trump’s tariffs on China and Mexico, “perhaps leading to a slowdown in oil demand at the same time as U.S. inventories have rebounded sharply.

”Although the midwest has recently experienced a gas price increase, experts say prices are likely to drop for a fifth straight week this week, with the trend continuing into the summer. Additional Information pulled from FOX News outlet. (FOX8 Affiliate)

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