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Tropical Storm Barry Shuts Down Local Gun Show

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration along with several other major weather sources have been following a tropical depression off the Gulf of Mexico that early in the week developed in to a Tropical Storm. This storm was tracking towards the Florida panhandle and early in the week turned towards Louisiana with it's outer bands to hit Mobile, Alabama tip of West Florida Panhandle with the blunt of the storm to still hitland fall in the New Orleans area. On Wednesday, the outer bands or first set of storms hit land fall and immediately flooded the downtown streets of New Orleans maxing out the pumps in Canal and Bourbon Streets area. Keep in mind this is just the first set of many to hit the area. News stories flooded social media along with images of the flooded streets and this just the city area and we have not sen what will be affected in the rural areas. Governor, Louisiana John Bel Edwards warned Thursday the state could be severely impacted by Tropical Storm Barry, particularly because it has three key devastating elements. “Look, there are three ways that Louisiana floods: storm surge, high rivers, and rain. We’re gonna have all three, ” Edwards said.What happens if Barry makes landfall as a hurricane: Edwards said it'll be the first time the state will be hit with a hurricane when the Mississippi River is at flood stage. Forecasts do not call for any levees to overtop. Edwards said the state doesn’t have to wait for the rain to start, because it’s already here.

Now as we reported earlier, the rain is hear and Tropical Storm Barry has yet to officially hit land as of the date of this article. With the news of Tropic Storm hitting landfall in the coming days to the New Orleans area Mrs. Linda Stadler who owns and runs the Slidell Gun & Knife show took upon herself to CANCEL the Slidell Gun & Knife show schedueld for July 13th-14th in Slidell at the Harbor Center. Slidell is about 40 minutes outside of New Orleans on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain across the causeway bridge. EveryDay Preppers USA would like to personally thank promoter, Linda L. Stadler for looking out for the best interest & safety of the vendors during this time. Vendors are not only local and have to look out for their families during this difficult time, but also come from hundreds of miles for these events and put themselves, vehicles and equipment in the path of danger too. We have personally done shows (Most recently as matter of fact) where a promoter refused to cancel an event until the storm actually hit and caused hundreds of dollars of damage to vendors equipment and it is breath of fresh air, pardon the pun, to see a promoter step up and protect the vendors! Great Job Linda. I really do not see many people coming to the show anyway when they are looking out for their family, their homes and their livelihoods; nevertheless, Mrs. Stadler stepped up and did the right thing and Kudos to her for this! May everyone stay safe during this time of need. Check back with Mrs. Stadler & her team for the new date.

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