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AGCA Host Hoover Summer Show

For the first time in EveryDay Preppers USA history we are excited to announce we will be attending the AGCA Hoover Summer Show. This is the largest gun show of the Summer to be at the Hoover Met Building at 100 Ben Chapmen in Hoover, Alabama in what we were told will be 700-8 foot tables covering the entire trade show floor. The floor plan is much different than what is normally seen at other shows at this area throughout the year as AGCA lays out the vendors from end to end with wider walk ways; so, as seen in the photos below you will walk from the front of the building to the back of the building and back & forth. AGCA only does 2-3 shows a year in Alabama and they are always at the Hoover Met Sports Complex while the only other promotion, CASC does four shows a year at the same complex and 22 in Alabama from Huntsville to Robertsdale. CASC Shows at the Hoover Met are generally smaller than AGCA but allows it's vendors to bring more varieties of products and does not limit what what the vendors can bring in making each show much different than the other. Admission for AGCA is only $10 / person admission. This is definitely a show like no other in Alabama. It is hard to compare AGCA to CASC as they are totally different. You will find more historical fire arms and you will find more vendors here at this AGCA show than any other show in Alabama due to the size of the complex with more gun related items as only 10% per booth space cannot be gun related. I know this sounds odd. But if you sell back packs, patches, first aid, this is not gun related and it is not allowed. Most gun shows allow these items but not at a AGCA event. This makes it even harder for some vendors like myself as we have customers specifically coming to look for Tina's decals and we are not allowed to display as many items nor are we allowed to display all our Decals, First Aid - Stop The Bleed and Back Packs. You will always find different vendors carrying all types of guns from all era's of time no matter what show you go to, as is the nature of the Trade Show World. You may still find your regular vendors as you should, but you will and need to also find the newby vendors too as this is what attracts the returning customers at all shows. Customers want to see variety and want to see new things all the time but they also want to see they regular vendors and see what they bring back to the show. We have customers that come to some shows just because they know we will be there and want to see what we will bring as part of our ever expanding business. Vendors also do not need to be stagnate in their product line and always be on the lookout for new stuff as we try to do. EDP is always looking at what's new in our area and check to see if it is something our customers would want. We will always have knives, Folders, Fixed and hopefully OTFs for a long time, but bringing in Medical i.e. First Aid & trauma brought us new customers. Becoming a MTM Case Gard Dealer also opened up a new customer base for us and showed our customers what all you could use these crates for outside of the ammo world and how you could use these items for other uses (Check Out our Facebook Albums for examples)

The next AGCA show will not be until October 5th so, make your plans now to attend this Summer show this weekend to get in on some amazing Summer deals. Some of these deals will only be offered now and may not be offered again!

For Directions to the AGCA Summer Show Click Here: Make sure you follow us year round thru our web site Dont forget to check & RSVP on our event calendar for this event: Click Here:

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