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PRESS RELEASE: Lemmons Leave Mississippi Wildlife Federation

Lemmons Leave Mississippi Wildlife Federation

We were notified today that Lindsey Lemmons, the Executive Director for the Mississippi Wildlife Federation is no longer working for the organization. No word was said whether she was fired or quit but we were notified during the 2019 GANZA (Annual Fundraiser for Mississippi Wildlife Federation) that they were looking for a New Director before she show ended that weekend and as of today we were notified that it is official, she was GONE! This comes on the heels of the widely published news articles of her causing the drama behind the failure and drama behind the 2019 Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza where she denied someone a booth that lead to all types of other drama to be unfolded weeks before the event where 50+/- Vendors backed out of the annual event and local news stations sighting the event was a failure before it even began. People were asking for her head on the chopping block before the event was even over and rightfully so as this cause vendors $1000.00's in lost revenue and speaking on behalf of a small business owner who depends on events like this for my livelihood, there was no just cause to deny anyone the right to rent a booth. The complete story behind the drama that lead to the 2019 Ganza event can be found in our Blog Section. [please go back and read our previous articles. Ironically, the reason for the call was not to tell us about Lemmons but was the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza to ask us for ask us for money. Yes, money as Lemmons apparently left the organization in shambles and many vendors were being notified stating we owed them money. Needless to say the MWF had some issues before Lemmons but it appears they only got worse under Lemmons rule and to notify vendors over two weeks after the event to ask for money is absurd; especially considering we were one of the vendors that didn’t abandon them in their time of need and we were one of the vendors that stayed when all others, one didn’t even show up and cowardly backed out before Friday or left on Saturday night and would not even hang in there and stay thru Sunday like many of us did! It is undetermined at this time whether or not we will return to MWF Ganza 2020. I was planning on returning but after being notified today for money two weeks after the horrible turn out of Ganza 2019 and MWF still not telling us as vendors what is being done to help us going forward and now they asking us for money due to their lack of record keeping and the colossal screw up’s all year with Lindsey Lemmons, I just do not know if I want to deal with any more drama from the MWF. I was assured after 2018 they, MWF Staff would address things with Lemmons and it looks like they didn’t do so and allowed her to royally affect the future outcome of the MWF and now it truly could hurt their own future. When you cannot even get support from your local media outlets, something is majorly wrong. They defiantly had the wrong people in place with Lemmons and need to look at revamping their whole way of looking at things to allow someone like Lemmons run things as long as she did. We are just sharing the news about Lindsey Lemmons and what Ganza has done too us. We do hope MWF can turn things around as we, EveryDay Preppers do support the Mississippi Wildlife Conservation Efforts being done to help all that is and can be done throughout the state of Mississippi and all the surrounding states for which we live and travel thru.

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