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This applies to the October 5th & 6th show at the Muscle Shoals, Alabama North Alabama fair Grounds SportsPlex Area. No other Explanation was given other than a mass email was forwarded to all the previous vendors from VPI Shows thanking them for their support. This also follows their ther show back in December 1st & 2nd Show that was also cancelled for the same area of the Shoals. So maybe that area is not a viable area for Gun Shows or this area may be a Annual event only type area. Don't for get their is a show this weekend; their annual Cullman show & Auction at the Cullman Civic Center.

This is the only show by VPI that I know of where they offer a Friday Auction. The show is Friday & Saturday only! Friday: 3pm-8pm with a LIVE auction starting at 6pm until. Which basically means no one will shop at your tables when the auction starts at 6pm or that's the way it was last year when we were there. While it is a great concept on paper it is not good for the vendors at all or it wasn't for the vendors that stayed last year. Most of the vendors last year packed up and left Friday shortly after the auction began at 6pm and came back Saturday. We stayed until 8pm just to see how well it was and thus we can report it was not a good for the vendors. Saturday, the Show ran all day 9am until 6pm and did not offer a Sunday show as the Civic Center is used for Church on Sunday. We personally love Cullman & VPI but wish VPI would find another venue and be able to help the vendors a little more and make this a true three day (2.5 days) event. The auction is great but charging vendors for tables for Friday knowing we cannot have the same opportunities is not fair in our opinion. Vendors only get to see people 3pm-6pm knowing people really do not get off work on Friday until after 5pm really was not a win for the vendors; Just Saying. Unless things change this year and someone writes in to tell us otherwise, we will never know how this years show will turn out, we have opted for another show this year. We do have a few friends going to that show as vendors and we do support the show and encourage those in the Cullman area to support it and the vendors as this is their livelihood. We will be headed to the Alabama Gulf Coast to participate in another show. If you do attend the Cullman show, please let us know how the turn out is and give us your "Honest" assessment. Thanks for reading our Blogs and supporting our page and staying up with EveryDay Preppers,w e have some exciting things coming thru Fall and some amazing shows still to come this year from CASC, AGCA, hopefully Big Pop Gun Works and More so, stay tuned right here at EveryDay Preppers USA.

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