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ALDI Grocery Stores Caves to the Anti-Gun Lobby

ALDI Grocery Stores Caves to the Anti-Gun Lobby

In the wake of WalMart and Kroger and a few others now announcing they do not care about their customer and want their customers to stop open carrying in their stores the newest small chain grocery chain grocery chain ALDI announced today they too do not care about their customers and have caved to Lobbyist. This does not mean you cannot conceal carry and in fact actually does not mean you cannot open carry, it means they "Request" you do not. While this is their suggestion this is now law and they cannot stop you under State Law according to some attorney's, it could lead to detainment from local law enforcement until such time they understand the law as we have seen in videos floating around the internet. A Store Company Policy does not trump (Pun Intended) State Law! and if State Law allows for Open Carry you are still allowed under your State Law to open carry under its specific guidelines! With ALDI's new stores opening up all over the South; one such store a few weeks / months away from opening up in West Alabama I can guaranty you it will open up too low numbers in Northport, Alabama due to this new Press Release from ALDI's Corporate Offices. With select groups here in the South supporting Open Carry in the South, you can bet this will not sit well with it's members as ALDI tries to open new store location throughout the South. Press Release: Batavia, Illinois — ALDI USA announced this morning from their headquarters in Illinois that they will now ask customers to refrain from open carrying firearms in their more than 1,900 stores across 36 states.

While they are not asking customers not to carry firearms concealed in their stores, this is just another in a long line of major corporations who have caved to the anti-gun lobby in recent weeks.

When Wal-Mart caved to the gun-grabbers last week, they opened the flood gates, leading other companies to follow suit.

Some of those companies are Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and now Aldi.

We expect more major corporations to follow suit in the coming weeks and months, making very clear that they are willing to do at least some of what billionaire Bloomberg’s gun control lobbyists want them to do. We are the Customers of these stores need to show these corporations who they are affecting and we need to affect them where it hurts, in their wallets. | Show your support and Do Not Patronize these locations if you can. I know it will be hard and some of you may find it impossible and that is where these corporations have us by the pants and that is where they want us but something has to give!!! Thank you for following EveryDay Preppers

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