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Publix Is The Newest Store To Cave To Anti-Gun Lobby

Lakeland, Florida — Yet here is another major chain box store to add to the list of businesses who are asking customers not to open carry in the wake of the Odessa and Dayton shootings who do not care for the feeling of their customers and violate State Guidelines and State Law..

Here’s the quote out of Publix headquarters in Lakeland, Florida this morning: "Publix respectfully request that only law enforcement officials openly carry firearms in our stores.Thank you, Publix"

After Walmart took the lead several weeks ago, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Aldi and a number of other stores made the announcement banning open carry.

Of course anyone with two brain cells to put together knows these no “open carry” policies won’t save any lives, but they are a reminder to gun owners that large corporations for the most part are not friendly to the Second Amendment and are vulnerable to pressure from leftists within their company and left-wing organizations funded by Bloomberg. Most in fact are funded by or take money from Bloomberg i.e. Like it has been proven that WalMart has recently accepted money from Bloomberg and this may be the new reason behind why the sudden change in their policies as they obviously are not an American company that they claim to be if they do not stand behind the US Constitution and the Second Amendment. We should all think about this too when shopping any of these other companies that follow the lead of WalMart. Do you really want to shop and do business with a company that does not have American Values and does not believe in the US Constitution? Please leave your comments below and please join us in sharing this article and all the articles we post here on EveryDay Preppers. If you are not getting prepared for what it too come, you need too!!!

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