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What Does Beto Have Up His Sleeve Now?

Many may not know this but Beto has such a hatred for Guns and Gun Shows he showed up at a Texas Gun Show the other week and paid three of his staffers to try and trick several FFL Gun Dealer into selling guns without background checks. Isn't this illegal for him to openly do this? Shouldn't the staffers be arrested and shouldn't he be arrested for trying this himself? Well it back fired on his and his little trick didn't work as the FFL dealers at the show all did what they were supposed too and followed the law and did their jobs. Beto got mad and came into the show and stood in front of the FFL Dealers booth and made a spectacle of himself and showed himself to be the really asshat he truly is and as eventually was escorted out of the building by police according to sources. Now the former Texas Congressman and failed Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, Beto O’Rourke has made a public announcement before tonight’s Democrat debate that he’s is now calling on banks and credit card companies to refuse service to sales of so-called “assault weapons,” “gun & ammo manufacturers who produce assault weapons and sales w/o background checks. While O"Rourke really doesn’t seem to have a chance of becoming the Democrat nominee for President, he is sturring the pot and gettign alot of people thinking and this may be his intention aside from wasting his backers money. We should all take not as gun owners, sellers and manufacturers of where exactly the left wants to take the gun control debate and where he is planning on driving the debate. With “Red Flags” the HOT TOPIC and O'Rourke's Gun Confiscation Talks on the table we all need to wake up as all of this is a precursors to ultimately eliminating your ability to purchase a firearms at stores or thru Gun Shows. Just look at Florida now: They have a 3 day waiting period on Hand Guns Sales if you do not have a CCW. ALabama just changed their law and now everyone has to now have a background on every sale no matter if you have a CCW which is ridiculous because you cannot get a CCW without a Background check. Chance Favors The Prepared Mind - EDP

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