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Drug Store Chains Walgreens / CVS Cave to Anti-Gun Lobby

Washington, DC — After Walmart and Kroger paved the way, it was a matter of hours until other corporations followed suit. On Thursday of last week Walgreens and CVS both announced that they are requesting that customers no longer open carry in their stores.

This comes after Wednesday’s announcement from Walmart and Kroger telling their customers the same thing.

This represents a pretty sizable chunk of the retail market.

Walmart, whom today maybe the largest retailer in the country.

Walgreens and CVS are the largest and the second-largest pharmacies in the country.

Kroger is a sizable portion of the grocery market.

While WalMart and Bloomberg think they are affecting Gun Ownership in a negative way their plan backfired on them as Gun Sales have risen according to reports and in Texas and other states as people are flocking to local Gun Stores after the Odessa Event to get personal protection (GUNS). There are also record numbers rising in Concealed Carry Permits to so WalMart may be opposed to open Carry this is not going to stop their customers from Conceal Carry in their stores. They may not be carrying ammo either for select weapons but this will only drive the market share up to local gun stores who will eventually take all their ammo and gun sales heading into the future as people will no longer stand for WalMart double standards. They have had a plan for years to move in to small town in America and shut down Mom & Pop Stores, well the this will revitalize and may help reopen Mom & Pops as Shoppers are taking to Social Media to talk about Boycotting WalMart and and other stores i.e. CVS / WalGreens who do not support their Customers Rights and the Rights of the US Constitution. If they do not care about their customers, I guarantee you their customers will not care about them!!! While the LEft may think this is a good move, other think this is a great way to take back America, re-energize and show the left what the true American can do when you take away their Rights. If you think Americans are going to stand idly by and allow the House & Senate to take away the 2nd Amendment and Confiscate the peoples guns and ammo, we will have a lot more to talk to about in the weeks to come. Stay Vigilant Chance Favors A Prepared Mind - EDP

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