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Walmart Outed As Being Teamed Up with Michael Bloomberg for Gun Control Agenda

In an article published earlier by 2nd Amendment Daily News called: Walmart Secretly Teamed Up with Michael Bloomberg for Gun Control Agenda But in the week to follow we have learned even more about WalMart and the other 145 other Corporate Companies; some also having ties too Bloomburg. In the 2nd Article the write: Bentonville, Arkansas — Gun owners have been under attack in recent days by companies who continue to change their policies on firearm purchases and possession of firearms in their stores.These policies seem to be straight out of Michael Bloomberg’s Christm Which they only offered in Alaska as wish list.

Here are just a few of the changes we have seen in retail stores in recent years:

Raising the age limit to purchase a firearm to 21-years-old. Stopping the sale of modern rifles. ( This is not true as our WalMart in our area is still selling Modern Guns; especially Long Guns (Rifles and Shotguns) Stopping the sale of handguns. Which they only sold in Alaska anyway! Stopping the sale of modern rifle ammunition. (This too is not accurate as mentioned above, they will continue to offer ammo for select Rifles just not the 223 / 556 Cal. Stopping the sale of handgun ammunition. Requesting or banning the open carry of firearms. However, you can still conceal carry!!!

Gun owners have to wonder why we are seeing a sudden change in policy from major retailers in recent years. There may be some explanation from a recently uncovered document.

In April 2008 Walmart sat down with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Together they created the “Responsible Firearms Retailer” partnership.

This is directly off of Walmart’s website:

Not only is Walmart a member in this partnership, but they are also a Charter Member and even brag about it on their website! The “Responsible Firearms Retailer” document reveals a 10-point code that is meant to help retailers “keep guns out of the wrong hands. ”It is unclear how many companies have signed onto this code, or what role other major retailers may have played in its development. It is important to note that none of the above recent gun control measures are part of this code.However, this established relationship with America’s most gun-hating billionaire shows that his influence in the American retail industry is growing deeper and deeper.

If Bloomberg and his radical gun control groups can get retailers to prohibit the sale and possession of firearms in their stores, he wins.This may have been the purpose of this relationship that began over 10 years ago. Some gun owners were willing to look the other way when Walmart implemented their recent gun control agenda.

Will they look the other way now that an established relationship has been uncovered between Walmart and gun-grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg?

Many Americans are in uproar over not only the Open Carry Issue but the issue over the removal of Ammo as this used to be the most reasonable place to get ammo as WalMart has made it their mission for years to move into every town in America, Large and Small Rural area and shut down MOM & POP Stores and now this will definitely revitalize the old concept of the local gun store and may even give some people the idea to reopen gun stores just because WalMart refuses to sell ammo. To be honest,w e have even thought of selling Ammo ourselves once or twice but until the price comes down as a wholesaler we cannot do it unless we get investors to help us. If you would like to reach out too help us, please message us. In the mean time, there are others that will jump at the chance to do a start up in small town America and revitalize Mom & Pop Stores that Wal Mart tried to shut down so many years ago and now they turned their back on Americans once again. For an American Based Store, you do know the majority of the products come from over seas right??? Stay Prepared - Stay Vigilant

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