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CASC Returns To Huntsville Oct 19th & 20th.

CASC Returns to Von Braun for final show of their North Alabama 2019 tour with a 400 Table event to start off Hunting Season and also rock in the Holiday Season. Make sure you schedule the date October 19th & 20th to Save The Date for your Pre-Holiday Weekend to come to the Von Braun to get in on some great deals as the holidays roll in. With gun manufacturers releasing new models as well as dropping new sales, you are bound to find some really good deals heading into the 2019 holidays and the end of the year. Gun Dealers also do not want to carry over guns into 2020 so, you will start to see prices drop even lower as the holidays get closer starting with the last shows in select areas i.e. Hunstville, AL so, this is a great time to ask for deals if you dont see what you are looking for. The gun show circuit is not over and many gun dealers still have a few shows left before the end of the year but it never hurts to ask a dealer is this your best deal, they can only say no! With regards to Accessory Dealers, i.e. like myself what we have on our tables probably are the best deals already displayed but still ask and maybe we can throw something else in if we can to help out. My wife is going to kill me for saying this... Nevertheless, you are bound to find some amazing deals all around from Modern to Antique in Weapons, every type of accessory out there, knives of all types, clothing and even books, the Huntsville show has it all. Make plans now to attend the last event of the season for the North Alabama / Huntsville area for Collectors & Shooters (CASC). Make sure you stop by our booth: EveryDay Preppers USA to see our latest CobraTec Auto Knives and remember we are the first dealer to ever bring the CobraTec Brand to the East and they are by far the BEST OTF on the market to date. The Proof is when you hold in your hand & activate it; feel it for your self and compare it too anythign else out there and you will know for yourself! You can always by a cheap piece of junk and many of you do and you always come back and buy a CobraTec later and tell us you should have not wasted your money on those others... From now until the end of the year we are offering a FREE Holiday Gift with every CobraTec Knife purchase!

Also, we want you to check out the MTM Case Gard Newest Ammo Cases and Crates and especially the Law Vegas Shot Show Feature of 2019. We are their number one selling dealer in Alabama and the South week to week for crates and cases. We sell more crates week to week than any other dealer in the gun show world. You have to come check out these beauties.. AC5C - Ammo Can Trays

MAC 30 / MAC 50 Metal Ammo Can Trays

MAC 30 / MAC 50 Metal Ammo Can Trays

Make sure you come to the Von Braun in Huntsville to see all the MTM Case Gard Products we have on hard at the show.

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