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The Best Survival Christmas Gifts for 2019

The Best Survival Christmas Gifts for 2019

It’s that time of year again to think about Christmas and what can you give that special person in your life that is a prepper or someone that prepares for all types of Natural Disasters or someone that lives in a area prone to disasters or that might need to prep and need your help and advice for other type disaster or the person looking to prepare for SHTF? Think about something they can actually use in their Daily Life / EDC - EveryDay Carry compared to something they can putting their Bug Out Bag / Truck Bag and weigh the difference in what they really would appreciate and / or need to have on hand. Now the most important thing to remember is do you very best to buy something of QUALITY! Do not go out to a discount store and buy them just because it is on sale for the Holidays and you can buy a pack of 10 / 20 flash lights for $10; they are JUNK! We all started that way and we ended up in a local emergency and they failed and looked back and wondered who gave us this piece of crap. Put some thought into what that special person is looking for: Urban Survivalist Vs Bushcraft / Wilderness survival, so think about this too as that would definitely play into your decision making list of items. I will add that some of these items we all need in our daily carry no matter what in our EDC Daily lives! I personally would like something for my EDC / Daily Life compared to something for my Bug Out / Truck Bag, but that too is just as important at times as I live in an area prown to Tornadoes and Severe Thunder Storms and occasional Hurricanes. EDC is very personal to many and just as important as we all are very picky about what we carry on our person every day compared to what we might have in our vehicles and / or Bug Out Bags / Vehicles Bags too; so ask questions before buying and learn what that person is looking for. I carry for example a knife every day as well have at arms reach a small flashlight. There are knives I like and knives I do not like so it would be up my special someone to know the difference when looking for me a new knife. I am always looking for a better flashlight, so that might be a great gift for me but it has to be the right one as a new knife would be, so asking questions would be the first thing in my case. Over the last year I have been taking notes on my favorite tools and gear that would make the best presents for anyone that like being a little more prepared than usual.

Listed below are the results and the 12+ Best Survival Christmas gifts I believe you can get your hands on this season not necessarily in order as great gift for anyone starting off preparing for any disaster or just prepping in general.

Small Flash Light – StreamLight makes great flashlights for a variety of uses from EDC carry to Bug Out Bag Carry and all on various budgets plans. I have used StreamLight products for years and if Law Enforcement uses them, you know they have to be good. Another one is Sure Fire, favorites of the Los Angeles Police and L.A.P.D. SWAT. but they can be pricey. I also have one of them too and have owned one for 30 years and it still works today and absolutely love it. Olight seem to be new on the mart and they seem to be really advertising a lot lately pushing the market hard which causes me some concern. Everyone seem to be doing product reviews on them for one reason or another and I have to wonder why???? Are they cost friends or is it because they are just the 2019 new light of the year and will fade in 2020.but every time I try to buy one and they are always out of stock for the one I want or our out of my price range but offer some great features. I have initial mixed reviews on this one!!!

I am also thinking of trying out the ThruNite as I I think they have great reviews, they have been out a while and they offer a $19 and a $29 EDC version that is cost affordable for most people without having to get into the $75 / $100 range which no one wants to do that.

Head Lamp - One of the things many fail to get in prepping is a really good quality Head Lamp. When you are broken down on the side of the road or in a SHTF situation you need your hands and having a head lamp to shine a light on things could be a key element to get you to safety. You need one that swivels and has adjustable setting. Also having one that has different colors i.e. Red, Green is a must too. Don't skimp out on those cheapy one and opt for a good quality one. remember to also get extra batteries and keep them with the head lamp. I sometimes use an old Crown Royal Liquor Bag to store my lamp in. Helps keep moisture away from my electronics and keeps things dry..You can pick them up for free most of the time from bars if you ask nicely; they may even have them in different colors. I have no recommendations on this, just find one you like.

Speedy Sharp - Sharpens Anything with an Edge. The Original Speedy Sharp is compact and fits in your pocket, tool box, or hunting pack. Quickly sharpen and hone anything with an edge, from knives and clippers, to shears and axes, and more! You can also use Speedy On your Ferro Rods. Here is why I love Speedy: Click Here

Purchase One; Click Here: Video: Click Here

Ferro Rod - Fire Striker as some call it. Nothing a Prepper needs more than the ability to start a fire. You cannot depend on a BIC or cheap lighter; fuel will run out when you need it the most you can guarantee that and they don't always work in the cold!, but having a good Ferro Rod or Fire Steel is the key. I personally prefer Feer Rods over Magnesium Bars just because they are less work to get you up and going. Schrade makes a good one (as seen above) and we also sell one thru our web site (Click Here)

Knife (Good Auto, Folder & Fixed) First, you can never have too many knives! Having a good knife is always a must have and check with that special someone on drop some hints to find out what they like. Having a Auto & / or Folder for EDC is a MUST! But most will say a Fixed Blade is also a Must for Vehicles and Bug Out Bags. MoraKniv (Fixed) are the new niche knives that everyone have fallen in love with and who wouldn’t for under $20. I like my Mora and have one with us all the time and the truck as well as another favorite. K-Bar Becker 16 is with me.

Purchase your next Auto Here: Click on the hyper link Purchase your next Fixed Here: Click On The Hyper Link

Multi Tool - Having a Good Multi Tool is vital in every Emergency Kit as you just cannot carry a tool box with you everywhere, nor would you want too. You have to decide what style you want. Personally, I am fond of the Gerber over the Leatherman myself but I think the Leatherman may have been the first on the market and may have started the multi-tool crave in the people wanting MultiTools. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the fullsize I like the Gerber, in the mini I like the Leatherman. It all depends on how you carry it and what you want it for; EDC or in your To Go Bag / Gear. For me, I have the Large right now and a bunch of the smaller Leatherman. The large is in my Go Bag and the mini is in my EDC Carry, vehicles and several other packs and I am now investigating the new Leatherman Mini for a possible swap over for my EDC. I have just never been fond of the Leatherman, but like I said it is m personal choice, but 1000's of people all over the world love the Leatherman. They are always coming out with new one's all the time Please, please do not depend on your life on those cheapy ones that come out at Christmas / Holiday time. I have tried those and when you need them and your life depends on them, they break every time. If you are giving them as a gift the worst thing in the world is giving someone a gift like this and having it break and knowing it could have saved their life and it was the horrible tool you gave someone that could have saved them or even helped them and are broke down on the side of the road for hours and having the right tool could have helped them!

Water Filter - Click on this Hyper Link to see more....

I am fond of the MUV adaptable water filter. MUV is an adaptable water filter that gives you protection from contaminants in municipal water as well as all the way up to virus and bacteria protection in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. Using modular technology that works with a water bottle, hydration reservoir, as a straw, or as a gravity filter you get clean water anytime, anywhere. Also have a collapsible water bottle could save your life. If you are looking at water filters make sure you get one that screw onto a soda bottle and not the so-called straw kind as from personal experience they are a pain to bend over to use. Filling up an old soda bottle and attaching a water filter is always a better way of going and that’s why I like the MUV as you can use it so many different ways and the one featured can be used 4-5 ways so it is the best value too.

Fire Kits – There are too many to discuss as there are now so many personal options to choose from and so many ways to make your own kits now days, but I am a huge fan of Fat Rope and Wax Wood myself and we used to sell it but when the company changed, we are not able to import it any more from Canada. Other larger retailers are able to get we are just not able too as a small family owned

business. Don't forget Tinder Quick Tabs - I love those things and they literally take up no space. I personally suggest a kit like our or building your own. If your from the South you know what Fat Wood is, if your from the North, North East or even out West you might not know what Fat Wod is or have readily available Fat Wood Like we do here in the South. but we sell Fat Wood here at EveryDay Preppers What is Fat Wood ? Fatwood is formed by a natural process in pine trees. Pine trees use pitch or resin—a sticky, waterproof substance—to protect themselves from damage. In the living tree, resin flows to areas of insect activity, limb loss, or other damage. When the resin hardens it seals off the area, protecting it from boring insects and moisture. After a pine tree dies, the plant’s resin gradually concentrates in the heartwood—the dead wood in the center of the trunk. This process occurs whether the tree is upright or fallen, and whether it’s intact or only the stump remains. The outer layer of wood, called the sapwood, rots away, but the resin concentrated in the heartwood means that extraordinarily rot-resistant portion remains. We offer it in small bags that you can cut up yourself for your own kits whether it be Altoid tins or other fire kits. message us for details.

EDC / Altoid Kits - I also suggest building a small EDC – Kit Similar to that of the one’s made and used by “The Urban Prepper”. He is a great guy and has come up a ton of different options for the Urban dweller. Check out his site and tell him we sent you in his comments. If you have kids, these are great to work with them with and get them involved to build one with them. Of course take out the knifes. Make sure you check out The Urban Prepper for ideas. Click that hyper link to take you to his channel.

4 Way Seal Cock Key – This is vitally important to have with you in your vehicle and or bag when traveling. It will turn on any water faucet at a gas station and our industrial building when they remove the top knob. This key is a key element in an emergency when you need water when you are broken down. It in combination with a water filer and water bottle could save your life.

Emergency Blanket - Keeping your core temperature is key in the case of an emergency. Preventing Hyperthermia is the most important thing in Wintertime and if you can give a gift to someone that will do this is the best gift of all.The new space age blankets and sacks are a great gift and take up literally no space in your gear. Most can be placed in your glove box of your vehicles, backpacks or travel gear and when you break down on the road and you will. It is not if, but when you will wish someone gave you a Life Bivy or SOL Blanket or Sack. You can pick up a cheap Space Blanket alone for under $5 and some SOL Blankets run between $7-12 depending on where you find them. They do have very expensive ones but I am only referencing the less expensive ones right now, They offer a single and two person blanket normally under $30. Most people, especially adults like the two person blanket (Pictured above $average $20). The Main Downside to most of the lesser priced items from SOL Product line is that it only comes in this horrible Bright Orange. They should offer another colors like the Life Bivy seen below that is offered in Green. Sometimes you do not want to stand out, but I get it too it is a Safety Orange and for Emergency Use too and you might want to get Rescued, but sometimes you do not and in the case of Gray Man scenario or Escape & Evade, you do not want to stand out, you want to blend in as much as possible. In the case of working on a vehicle on the side of the road as was my case when I broke down this past year out of state, limited supplies; raining, cold and I was without a poncho and rain gear because I forgot to put it back in my vehicle. 18 Wheelers were blowing past me with no regards for my safety and refused to slow down, even the State Highway Patrol refused to stop and help me and I was stuck on the side of the road for 3.5 hours. Could not get any tow companies to help for what seemed like an eternity until I finally found an Angel to come to our rescue. For a minute I was prepared to camp out on the side of the road, LOL. Now I am rethinking about all of this for my gear and making sure I am better prepared for the future as I have another major trip coming up to the Georgia Mountains and I know it is Snowing where we are going, so Cold Weather is what I am preparing for!

Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag – This new SOL & LIFE Bivy is the best way to save your life in case of an Emergency. If you and your partner are forced to spend an unexpected night outdoors, on the side of the road, or in your home without heat,.Emergency Bivvy to keep you warm and dry. Made from tear-resistant, aluminum-coated polyethylene, this bivvy reflects 90% of your body heat back to you, providing life-saving warmth, and is sealed to protect you from wind, rain, and snow. Ultralight and compact, the Emergency Bivvy is a small yet potentially life-saving addition to your survival gear, car, home, bike bag, hiking pack, and camping gear. When turned inside out, the bivvy bag doubles as an emergency blanket, so you can wrap yourself in its heat reflective warmth while setting up camp, watching soccer games, or enjoying the stars. With this bivvy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared with the personal emergency shelter that has saved lives in the harshest outdoor conditions.

They also have an all New Life Bivy by another company that I will be checking out in the near future as I think I will like it even more. The only downside I see is that it does not come in a two person. Right now, most work trips I take I tend to travel with the wife. One Main thing I love about the LIfe Bivy is that you can get it it in Green instead of the bright safety orange.

Watch the Video Here

Poncho- Not that I am trying to pile on SOL and support them, I am not but they do make a good amount of gear for the Survivalist. This light weight Emergency Survivalist Poncho is another great gift for the Wintertime but any Ponch that is super lightweight and of good quality I might recommend for a starter enthusiast. See Link Here:

Small First Aid Kit – some people create Altoid Tin first Aid Kits for their EDC while some create some for their briefcases and daily back packs. I personally keep a really good one in my vehicle with what I am trained to use in case on an emergency including a Tourniquet. You can always find cheap first Aid Kits at WalMart and Big Box Stores but make sure they have what you need for your travel needs. Get one for the vehicle and one for your travel. Having a Tourniquet and knowing how to use it is Vital today. it is not for anyone else ; it is for yourself and your family!

For more Medical Gear, Click Here:

Today's Military & most Law Enforcement and First responders use the Cat Tourniquet for their primary and maybe a Soft-T Wide or SWAT-T for their Secondary. I am trained in all three. DO Not buy any CAT's off the Internet and only buy from a reputable Cat Dealer. There are too many FAKES out there. EveryDay Preppers are Licensed North American rescue Dealers who are the ONLY Company who make them and you have to be a dealer to purchase from them!

Survival Bandana

While I personally am not a fan of these type gimmicky items, this bandana can help a lot of people not trained in survival techniques. The Survival Metrics survival bandana is packed full of survival tips for easy reference in the field. It is high visibility, high quality, and has plenty of high ratings.

Bandanas are ridiculously versatile in survival situations, so they make great gifts. They are a great addition to any survival kit, and this one takes it all a step further.

Paracord Survival Bracelet – They make different types Paracord Bracelets now where some have full survival kits in them, fishing kits and event knives in then. Mine has a fire starter built into the buckle.

RFID Wallet or Credit Card Wallet - In today's world, personal security is becoming more important than ever. Credit card RFID holders and RFID wallets have come out to prevent hackers from stealing your credit card information. How this works is: Someone with a an electronic home made device can be walking beside you or behind you close enough to pull the information electronically right off your credit cards without you knowing it. Most of these RFID wallets are still somewhat expensive around $100 but a good quality one is worth it for your own piece of mind. Especially if you live in a big city i.e. NY, KCK, ST. Louis or L.A., Credit Card Thieves are not so advance yet in backwoods America but they are coming, you can bet on it.

Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen is another inexpensive device that can be carried every day as part of your EDC wear. Some even have HandCuff Key in them. Some have Glass Breakers in them and as we teach people if they will break glass they will break bones. Use one end as a Kubotan (Self defense Weapon) or use the Glass Breaker to break someone's bones in the hands, wrist or face; I guarantee you they will let go and back off. Good Tactical Pens range from $25.00-$75.00

Storage – MTM Case Gard was founded on being an ammo storage company but we have found so many ways their ammo crates can be used for food storage as well as their ACR5 & ACR8 Crates can be stored under some model years Chevy & Ford Trucks back seats making them great storage for tools, guns & ammo or other secretive items. I don’t know of any one that would love one of these crates. Check out the EveryDay Preppers Web Site to see the crates and ammo cans I am talking about. Click Here: to see samples of some great storage items we offer.

Vehicle: Emergency Kit / Bag By that special person a good quality Vehicle Bug Out Bag, call it an Emergency Bag if they do not like the other word and help them fill it with the essentials based on the season. Winter time: Emergency Wool Blanket / Space Blanket Extra Change of Winter Clothes Boots Hat / Gloves / Socks Fire Starting Kits Flash light & Extra Batteries Hatched and Survival Tool Water Filter Bivvy Sleeping Bag / One Per Person First Aid Kit SealCock Key

Fire Kit Poncho / Rain Gear

Knowledge is Key – Find out what their interest is and buy them a book on the subject or offer to help pay for them a trip or training seminar from a “REAL” Survivalist Instructor. Before you rake out any money, do your home-work and research and read the reviews and talk to others that took their class or training and see for yourself if it was worth it. Real Life Training is always the best form of experience.

What would add to our list?

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