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EveryDay Preppers Expands Company

EveryDay Preppers is excited to announce and showcase we have once again expanded our company to new heights by including a new cargo trailer that will allow us to triple the amount of inventory we carry to trade shows. It is a new Anvil line of trailers out of Georgia with a lot of new features not always offered offered on other trailers of it size. This is a tandem axle trailer from Georgia custom designer Anvil and built for EveryDay Preppers USA. After receiving it, we kept it in our shop for a few weeks to add a few more custom modifications we thought would benefit us for our specific needs before putting her on the highway for first time. Some of the mods included custom interior LED lighting, custom interior no slip floor paint that would be durable for the weekly grind we would put it under for the work we do, custom removable front counter, double row “E Track” down both sides with removable tie down brackets / hooks and rings and the ability to add in a removable bed if we decide to camp overnight at remote locations when we take a break from Trade Show grind; not that we ever take a break doing 49 shows a year average.

In 2018, we did our first official expansion of the company by adding a smaller trailer, then later that year a smaller second expansion by deciding to split into two team and covering Alabama, West Georgia, South Tennessee & Central Mississippi. With a Trailer Asset as well as a Van Asset, we were able to cover more territory and continue our growth in 2019 with the third expansion with more expansion growth by moving once more into another larger trailer allowing us to carry even more product which made it more worthwhile to travel further into areas like South Mississippi, Florida and the entire state of Louisiana. I will add, that just because you travel further does not mean you have to bring more product or everything you own. Sometimes bringing so much product can only waste your time and fuel as a recent vendor found out several weeks ago when they appeared to have brought everything under the sun...way too much product, more than they could have sold, even at an Expo and ended up having to haul it all back home. This new asset allows us to expand our business and triple the amount of inventory we can carry & stock during our Mobile Store events I.E.: Trade Shows that include: weekly Gun & Knife Shows, annual Expos as well as Monthly Festivals and Special Events as well as expand into seasonal events like Bike Rally and other Festivals & Fairs. For us, we found a niche in the market and it really worked! Another great advantage of a larger cargo trailer is to turn it into a display vehicle where customers can enter into the trailer and literally walk thru the side door and walk out thru the rear ramp all while checking out showcased product hanging on the walls as we did at a Harley Davidson Rally's this past Summer. As many of you know, we expanded in 2018 to cover multiple events and for the first time moved into Seasonal Expo's. Having the ability to bring extra product in all aspects of our business is just one aspect of our company growth. We also got help from our own Computer Marketing Genius who tweaked our Website and allowed us to showcase New Blog Features, New Store features, New Calendar plus we are also featured on the Gun Show Trader. We also went from Alabama & Mississippi to now covering, six state area which drastically changed our ability to cover more areas and shows.

We have brought on board MTM Case Gard molded products (Ammo Crates and Cases) in late 2018 and have become, I think the largest independent dealer for them in Alabama to date outside of any big box store. We know we are the only Alabama Based Traveling Business working Alabama Gun Shows / Expos's to date doing what we do at the level we do! We are proud and honored to also represent another company that too is a family owned business, CobraTec Knives LLC. We also have a new catalog coming out in 2020 as well to showcase other products we will be able to offer our customers. With more products coming online from MTM each year as well as more products being introduced to our company in 2020, yet to be unveiled, we are excited to see where our family owned business can go, we are very excited to see where the future is headed for us. Make sure you sign up for Emails for special notes, pricing coupons and events details coming out all the time. We have already booked for first six shows in 2020 so make sure you visit our website calendar for those and stay up to date. Thank you again for supporting EveryDay Preppers USA. *Check Out Our Website Store for more new products coming soon*

* We are the South’s Leader in MTM Case Gard / CobraTec Knife Products *

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