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I received the Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight and upon initial assessment I liked it right out of the box. The size is a little bigger than a pen, maybe the size of a Sharpe and you can put it in your back pocket beside your wallet where most carry a pen anyway and it blends in and you forget about it. Streamlight also does make a smaller unit called a Pen Light but it is useless as an EDC carry unit. It is used mostly by Mechanics and other Technicians for small intrical work not outside EDC that you might need in the field in case of a true emergency. The 100 Lumen may be a little underpowered but it will do in case of an emergency and good enough for general purpose EDC carry when you are in total darkness. The On/Off Tail Switch on my unit is actually hard to depress which I find to have mixed feeling about. One side of me like that to prevent accidental discharge of the unit but the other side doesn't like it because it really is hard to depress. You slightly depress it for instant on or flash on or depress it hard until it click for the unit to remain on. I really like the intermediate or flash on feature that the OLIGHT i3T does not have! This unit was offered in Mat Black Finish Body with Bright White LED for 8 Hours of runtime which is higher than most in it class.

This is a 100 Lumen Light

62MM Beam Distance (small in my taste) IPX-4 Water –Resistant O-Ring Sealed Ends

Polycarbonate Lens Machined Anodized Aluminum Body Belt Clip Also features a Limited Life-Time Warranty, which I do not know what that means. Weights: 1.64 OZ

Length: 5.3” 2 x AAA Batteries Other Bodies include: Black, Red, Blue, Silver

Since this video came out I think they have also released a Burnt Orange, Lime Green and Camo color body.

The Streamlight name has been around since 1973 (45 years ago) so they know lighting. They have several styles of this light from this basic unit to the Stylus Pro 360 that is the same size but sides slide down to reveal it to be a lantern style case, Stylus Pro USB model with built in USB port for recharging, Stylus Pro COB – Side light unit with magnet on rear cap and they make another unit for HVAC professional and CSI / Police.

I have used it now for about two weeks every day and I find that I really like it over the OLIGHT i3T. While it is a little larger in length, you just cannot beat the run time and the instant on feature is a real plus too. The major down for me is that is down not have the dual mode Low / High Feature. I travel a lot pulling a trailer and when I get out having a small unit like this is key to shine around the ground, vehicle and / or trailer as I pull in fuel stations, Rest Areas or pull off the road for check points, emergencies, Breaks, etc.. Over all I give it 4/5 Rating only because it could be a little more powerful and I am curious to see if the USB is more powerful than this 2 x AAA battery version. Personally, I am overall not fans of USB styles lights as you tend to forget about them and when you need them they are always dead. I usually have AA & AAA in my truck console so this type or the larger version would be most accommodating for me, but I am willing to try the USB as a comparison. I love the size over the larger units as I like to carry smaller size lights, but you are always limited on Lumens when you carry smaller units. 100 / 200 is not bad over all for EDC use, but who wouldn't want a more powerful light? This is my personal review of this light and I plan to carry it for the next month and see if my view changes and if so, I will come back in the comments and leave further reviews. If you have reviews n this light, please feel free to leave professional comments too in the comment section at the bottom of this blog. I do encourage everyone to check into the other line of Streamlight products and see if there are other products they like too and lcome back and leave us a comments here on this page. We would like to know if there is any other light we should check out... We plan to test other EDC Lights, so please stay with us as we explorer more product reviews throughout the year to come. Thank you again for all your support and for following our company and site and please check out our shop as this helps support us and allows us to continue to bring your reviews like this. EDP

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