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Shelby County (Memphis) Considers Banning Gun Show at AgriCenter in 2020

Shelby County (Memphis) Considers Banning Gun Show

at AgriCenter in 2020

Some early News Outlets share that in December the Shelby County Commission in Memphis does not want to renew the contract to allow gun shows for any county owned facilities in 2020 forcing promoters to look for privately owned property in 2020 for the Memphis area. This does not mean shows are not allowed in Memphis, this just means promoters have to look outside of city owned properties at this time. The did allow the one remaining show to take place in Mid December but did not allow any permits for the scheduled shows for January at this time. They have not voted to cancel any shows in 2020 but also have not voted to officially stop any shows either according to the news article (see video). I recently read on one disgruntled trade show vendor page that the Memphis gun & knife show is shut down before the Shelby County Commission has even voted to shut down the show and this is simply not true. While initial report are that the County Commission does not feel their mission for the Agricenter should not be to promote gun & knife shows at this time they did not in fact vote on any issues or resolutions to shut down shows in 2020. The Commission appear to be using what is going on around the country with politicians & state officials trying to control gun laws as an excuse to not renew the contract with the promoter to host shows in 2020. According to the news report shown below, the commission did not officially vote on the issue but also did not renew any contracts for the Agricenter either for 2020. They in fact may not have too but this did not stop RK Shows from moving forward with their show schedule for the first quarter for 2020. Please watch the News Report for full details and if anything changes we will do our best to follow up.

RK Shows, who has held shows in that facility has gone forward with scheduling a new show at another venue in the meantime of working things out with the County Commission in Memphis if they can and also trying to find another private property in the area. This new show will be in North Mississippi’s South Haven area.

News Article Video: Click Here

RK Gun Shows Tenn Schedule for 2020 as of today: In the mean time, RK Shows has taken the incentative to schedule a brand new show at the Landers Center over in South Haven, Mississippi.

RK South Haven Event Page: Click Here

We should state for the record this is the same area that Promoter Bill Milstead of New South Gun & Knife Shows ran his successful shows in this area for years before the City of South Haven, Ms decided to turn the building he was using into a Performance & Sports Event Venue Stadium. Instead of Milstead looking for another venue, he moved out of the area.

Please do not think this is the same show as the Memphis Tennessee show as this may have some of the same vendors but will also feature many new vendors too from Mississippi and other areas. This is not and should NOT BE CALLED The Memphis Show!

It just doesn’t make since to do that does it ? It is about like people from South Haven, MS telling people they live in Memphis when they actually live in Mississippi! Just doesn’t make since and makes them look like idiots as one vendor found out! Anyway, the new show will be at Landers Center, South Haven, MS - Feb 1st & 2nd! If we find anything new out, we will follow up. Thanks again for following & supporting EveryDay Preppers USA

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