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Minimum wage to increase in 24 states starting January 2020 How Will This Affect You?

According to the National Employment Law Project, 21 tates and 26 cities and counties will see an increase in minimum wage on January 1, 2020. In 17 of those jurisdictions, the wage will reach or surpass $15 an hour. This does not mean when you pull up to your favorite McDonalds or Fast Food Chain Restaurant your order will magically be right for the first time in 20+ years, I guarantee you it will still be wrong. People have been complaining for more money since I was a child and sometimes rightfully so, but raising it this much so quickly is absurd. Just because people get paid more does not mean they will start doing their jobs. We are about to see a major Cause & Affect is our economy. With the rise in wages we will also see other things change and prices go up too. Economist have proven it thru history and we still have not learned our lessons. Just mark my words and I am writing it here in History on the EveryDay Preppers USA Web Site! The report says later in the year, four additional states and 23 more localities will also see an increase, with 15 of them raising to $15 or more. States in the South i.e. Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee or the East Coast States, although Florida was listed will not raise their minimum wage. The Southern States I listed are not on the list to change to $15/Hr or raise their mins in 2020 at this time according to the report so when the prices to rise in other items, those people in the southern states will suffer even more causing an undue affect on them even more when / if they travel to the states that changed their mins. As the Min wage increases so will the cost of goods in those areas, history has proven this so when we travel, we have to be prepared for this affect as will those Southerners who are not getting those cost raises.

What about the people not on Hour Wage but on Salary? They will automatically be behind the curve? So, they will be left behind and some Upper Management may even see employees beneath them surpass them in pay. Now, how is this going to work? Some might say...How Is This Fair? This is definitely a double whammy to any employer in history, not only are they forced to either forced to start paying $15/Hr Min wage or they will immediately start paying off employees. If they pay, which some will, they will be hit with other employees complaining about why they didn't get a raise too. Now has anyone thought about the other affect of this mandatory change? If employers are forced to pay the $15/Hr, they just do not have to hire as many employees forcing a problem we have never seen before in the work force, the lack of service in the industry. When you go to your local restaurant for a good meal and there are no persons to wait on you what will you do? More and more restaurants have gone to delivery only according to one report and dining in is on the decline according to some early reports in anticipation of this mandatory wage change. This could cause a huge unemployment rise the nation has never seen before. This could also see the decline of what we know as the nite out and dining out as more and more restaurants no longer offer inside dining or better yet, it becomes a reservation only / limited seating type establishment and cost of meals skyrocket!!! So, what used to be a nite out for less than $30 for you & your spouse now becomes a two day, reservation date costing $100. "This is the greatest number of states and localities ever to raise their wage floors, both in January and for the year as a whole," said said Yannet Lathrop, researcher and policy analyst with NELP. "More and more jurisdictions have been raising their minimum wages since the Fight for $15 movement began in November 2012." For the record, I am not opposed to the raise of wages, that is normal and a cost of living is expected but doing it right now in such a fashion when the Federal average is $7.25 to $15.00 is absurd. What is this going to do to our economy long term? Is now the right time to do this? Are We Prepared For The Out Come? Let us know your honest thought.

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