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2019 Comes To A Close, What Will 2020 Bring?

Happy New Years From EveryDay Preppers The year has come to a close and we have accomplished what very few have done in our industry. First, we have tripled our business with the growth in two short years and second we added a new custom cargo trailer that gave us the ability to add three times the cargo from our little trailer we acquired in 2017, which was our first major acquisition. We signed on several new product vendors and we already have some new prospects ready to go for 2020 as well as have been invited to more shows outside of our current travel area. We grew some new friendships, lost some old so-called friends at the same time, which looking back may have not been the friends we thought they were after all. In 2019, we saw some major highs and some major lows. We added some new locations while at the same time saw some upsetting times in the trade show industry with things happening around our Country and the Trade Show World taking a hit and shows just not producing like they used too according to long time vendors. Government & Politics play a huge roll in the trade show world as well as current events. Some shows that have always done well in-state and out of state not producing like they used too and one Hunting & Fishing Expo in Mississippi being cyber attacked and faced its own form of domestic terrorism going after all the shows vendors to pull out of the show and the ones that hung in there were so affected by the low turn out that they lost any chance of recouping their money and the Expo promoters didn't even offer any apology or reimbursement or even discounts to the 2020 show. This was a huge hit for all of us. We drove the fatherliest we had ever driven for show since starting the trade show work to Jacksonville, Florida for one show and also Gonzales and Bossier, Louisiana on a regular basis; which cost us two transmissions in our Tahoe, and got stranded for three days.

We also expanded into doing a monthly event at a Harley Davidson Bike Event when we were able to; when it didn't conflict with our monthly Trade Show schedule. One particular Summer show, we faced Straight Line / Hail Storm which included a Tornado that ripped thru the event area, turning over our show tables, pulling our tents off the trailers and soaking everything we own. I was out in the storm holding onto the tents & gear as the storm flew over to prevent the tents from flying away and hitting $100,000's worth of Harley's; very exciting time!

We accomplished 45 shows in 6 states in 2019 which set another new record for us covering Trade Shows & Hunting & Fishing Expos all while traveling with our EveryDay Preppers Mobile Store Business showcasing events in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.

This has been an amazing year and we could not be happier and we would like to thank everyone for supporting us along the way, we look forward to 2020 and seeing what’s going to unfold for us. We have already built our schedule for 2020 and started contacting promoters for the first quarter or at least the first 6 weeks and have them lined up and will be adding to that schedule as the weeks progress. Some promoters have added new locations while other promoters have dropped off a few locations and one promoter in our area closed his business completely. Some promoters still have yet to post their 2020 yearly schedule, so there will be a new set of challenges facing all the trade show vendors in 2020. Hang in there with us on a new adventure, if you think 2019 was a bumpy ride, wait for 2020 and let’s see where we go and where we end up, God Willing!!!

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