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Olight I3T EOS Review - Not What's Its Cracked Up To Be

For some time we have been wanting to do some EDP Carry Reviews and we decided to start off the 2020 year with some Flash Light Reviews. We have contacted OLIGHT and have been surprised that every time they run a sale on something they seem to run out of product with in hours / days. They had a sale on the I3T Black, I think back on Thanksgiving and didnt have it back in stock until just before Christmas and on day after Christmas they are once again out of stock! The ironic thing about OLIGHT is they are a fairly new company on the market compared to Streamlight whom has been in business 45 years and never runs out of product and MAG Light who also never runs out of product so I guess OLIGHT is still trying to get their baring when it comes to their customer base. Nevertheless, we wanted to start our OLIGHT review off with the what we felt would be the most popular EDC light for common carry, the I3T based on size and budget. With all their Christmas Sales, Customer Service informed us weeks ahead of time to hold off on purchasing on as the I3T would be on Sale on December 16th. When December 16th came and went the I3T was not on the sale list so we contacted Customer Service. We never got a reply but we noticed that the I3T Black went on sale under their Amazon Acct for OLIGHT for $15.95 but the Desert Tan was still full price, which we found odd. Why would they run two different prices based on color? What company does that??? Nevertheless, we purchased one and here is our review on the light not the company. As you might guess by now, we are over all not impressed with the company antics and professionalism so far nor their treatment towards us, plus we found out that they make their dalers purchase a MOQ of $300.00 every time they make an order. This seems a little excessive if a daler only wants to restock one or two items. Anyway...... The OLIGHT I3T Review: The OLIGHT I3T is a smaller than anticipated upon unboxing. If you look at the images posted on their website, the light appears to be bigger in the hand than it does in a grown man's hand. Corporate Image

When I got the light it is actually 3.5" long. The width of my palm is 4" so this image shows the light sticking out 1/4 - 1/2" out of this persons hand misleading me. While I like a small flashlight, this is for a person with little, small hands. I would sa this might be great for concealment if you want this type thing otherwise it is too small! I like the outer coating and the twist going down the outer tube for grip. I would not say it is a mat finish, but rather semi glass finish. The Clip is a reversible and has clips going both ways and covers 3/4 of the entire body of the light which I have mixed emotions about. I guess because it is so small it has too for it to stay on a ball cap or molle gear.

The On/Off Switch is on the rear tail switch.You have to push hard for it too activate. Not as hard as the Streamlight Pro, but hard enough to prevent accidental discharge.

Push button tail switch: ▹ press lightly for momentary on ▹ light press again to change brightness ▹ always turn on in low ▹ press, click for constant on

Other Features Include: • slim EDC (everyday carry) flashlight ▹ measures 3.5″ long x 0.59″ diameter ▹ 1.5 ounces with battery • runs on a single AAA alkaline battery (included) • waterproof to IPX8 standard (not dive rated) • maximum beam range of 196 feet (60 meters) • 2 brightness levels ☼ High – 180 lumens, 21 minute runtime, 60m beam range ☼ Low – 5 lumens, 16 hour runtime (Useless)

Compared to the StreamLight Pro who runs on 2 x AAA for 8 Hours, this does not seem like a good EDC Light for anyone at any price range. I know the Streamlight Pro is only 100 Lumens but who would want a light that only has a run time of 21 minutes??? Aside from the extremely small size, I love the quality of the build, I like the light output but would not carry this for EDC use unless I had a handful of batteries with me in my bag which negates the purpose of an EDC carry!

I have been using the light for several weeks now and one of the major things I do not like about the I3T is the heat it generates when in high mode. The super small size combined with the heat it generates makes it uncomfortable to hold on too when it high mode for any length of time. I have to wonder if all of their lights are like this. After several weeks also the side clip seems to be very loose so much so that it now falls out of my pocket so is this a bad design or did I just get a bad clip? I have already had to put several batteries in my unit so this 21 minute run time is a joke. Granted I do not sit there and let it run for 20 minutes at one time, but I do use it 3-4-5 minutes at a time now & then and this past weekend while working on a project the light stopped during a project where I had to stop working to leave to go swap out a battery. This is not good, Just Staying! If you have purchased this light, please leave your thoughts below and let us know your honest, professional thoughts on this light. A lot of people have jumped on the OLIGHT bandwagon and personally I dont see it so far. I dont see anyone purchasing any light with a 21 minute run time light for EDP or Professional use. Maybe I chose the wrong one to review, but if so, they do not need to con the American people with this light and this needs to be taken off the market instead of adding too it with the new Copper version! If anyone wants us to review another OLIGHT, feel free to send us one and we will be happy to give it an honest review, but so far we are unimpressed and I cannot see giving anymore money to OLIGHT at this time but I am curious to know if all the other OLIGHs generate the same heat transfer and battery usage rate as this little guy! Let us know your thoughts. Thanks EDP

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