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Under-Rated Prepper Item / Portable Air Compressor

This is not necessarily going to be a review or promotion for the Slime Air Compressor but I will say it has saved my life on occasions and we highly recommend this unit and this companies product here. This is going to start a new series on Under-Rated Prepper Items and why they are important. Most recently I read in a Forum Group where a member asked what were some underrated item most people forget for a Prepper item? Please keep in mind the nature of my page and it is for EveryDay Preparedness and not SHTF or End of the World situations or Zombie Apocalypse. However, this would be beneficial in a SHTF situation or BOV - Bug Out Vehicle. My portable air compressor in my vehicle came to mind because I just got back from a trip and I had to move my unit around in my vehicle and it got me thinking once again about writing about this unit. I have been wanting to write about portable air compressors and their importance ever since I got this unit. In 2017 while at a Trade Show in the Northern part of my state hours away from my home and away from any mechanic or tire store, I went to my vehicle late in the day, almost dark and found my vehicle tires to be super low almost flat. Since I was pulling a trailer, I felt it could be very dangerous to drive and I started asking others if anyone could help me. Another vendors pulled out this same unit as pictured about and with in 3 minutes I read over how to use it I learned this unit had some great features I like including:

1. Hard Shell Portable Storage Case

2. Air Compressor strong enough to air up my truck tires

(not necessary for monster trucks)

3. Quality Battery Clamps to power the unit to vehicle battery 4. Coiled air hose with plenty of length to reach all my tires on my truck and even my trailer if I had needed. 30' Reach 5. Integrated Tire Sensor Gauge.

6. Two Air Compressor Cylinders for max power compared to other less powerful units. Includes: Adapters to air up Floats / Mattress

Now like I said, this is not necessarily about this Slime branded unit, but this unit has come to the rescue for my family more than once and I do feel this type unit is something everyone needs in their vehicles before any trip and needs to be in your vehicles. This is a super strong unit and while after checking today I dont know if they still make this particular unit, they do still make a large unit similar but have changed a few features. Slime does offer other smaller units that are compatible, I chose this unit because it was the same unit I used and that I knew would work for my needs. Needless to say, having a portable unit like this can help you year round so you are not stuck out of town like I was. This can be used for your family year round or take to your hunting camp in the field and due to its portable nature, it is just perfect to take anywhere. At the time of this review, you can still find my unit on Amazon. My goal is to have one in every vehicle we own. I would add: Throwing a set of good quality Tire Plugs and a Tire Plug Tool would also be a great advantage too too this kit.

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